Constint Disconnects? any help


yes i have a feeling its my nat probblem but can anyone help me?

everytime i got o a ranked match, or host my own room i get MAD disconnects and counting as losses :frowning:

now i have a SMC router, does anyone know what to do or how to fix it?


Try using an Ethernet cable instead of a router and see what happens.


In this game, there are two known things that make disconnects happen a lot more:

  • Using Vega
  • Using the Start button color for your character

Do you have disconnects in other online games too?


I have a friend that has a similar problem. He absolutely cannot play games against people. If he sends an invite, or receives one and trys to join the game just hangs and eventually says he’s been disconnected. Any thoughts?

PSN Network, btw.


These problems are very difficult to troubleshoot without having a network administrator physically there to diagnose the problem. I’m gong to suggest setting the PS3 to acquire the same IP address from your router every time, and setting that IP as the DMZ. It may or may not help, but it’s easy to do, and is worth a shot.

Edit: This is assuming a wired connection, if it is a wireless then something entirely different may be the culprit.


A few other people have mentioned this same exact issue, including me. I’m not sure what happened the last few weeks that caused it to break invites for us, but at least you know it’s just not him.


I would recommend connecting your xbox/ps3 directly into your modem and avoiding a router while you play this game. I’ve had much more success connecting to rooms and staying in the rooms. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better. There are some serious NAT (network address translation) issues with this game.


This may sound stupid, but whenever I start dropping matches (like when the round is about to begin) is just quit the game and restart it. That usually fixes the problem for a little bit