Constructive 12/19 Patch Changes thread (Placebo Effect 101)

Let’s talk about the patch. This thread is not about whining about the changes, or the nature of patching fighting games. Hopefully we can compile the changes that have been made here

Keep in mind, the temptation when we test out a patch is that we say something’s been changed just because “it seems” like it’s been changed. Don’t make this mistake: don’t comment on something unless you can verify it’s different. We don’t need a million people saying “it seems like Wesker has less boosts in X-factor” when no one really knows.

So far the changes I’ve heard about (I don’t have time to test in training mode right now):
System change: Can’t tech grabs/air grabs during the recovery of a move
Various glitches removed

Chris can cancel flamethrower into specials/launcher
Ammy’s glaive sword no longer resets groundbounce
Hulk corner infinite removed.
Hulk Medium Command throw knockback increased (??)
Haggar gets more damage on Rapidfire fist
Phoenix Wright “Press the Witness” invincibility removed.

Can somebody test Wesker? Test patch Wesker against youtube videos of X-factor/sunglasses off combos to see if they still do the same damage/work the same.

Great. Like I said, I don’t have time to test things now. Niitsuma said he would remove the throw tech glitch. The other things seem pretty easy to test (either the Hulk infinite works or it doesn’t)

I’m just saying, let’s not spend the whole thread saying “Fast move seems slower, damaging move seems less damaging, etc” unless we can test it against the guide or an unpatched game video

Hm, Phoenix Wright seems less awesome on his assist somehow, but I’m not sure.

there was a patch on the 9th? :confused:

Guys as far as I can tell it didn’t do anything other then give us Heroes and Heralds mode. I can still do the tech throw glitch (I did it on the computer at least 5 different times while playing offline H&H) I don’t know about Wesker or PW because I don’t play them but I’m pretty sure the tech throw glitch is still there.

[]The Z-Axis glitch.
]The throw tech glitch that allowed you to tech throws at any time.
[]The ability to move during the avoidance of a cinematic Hyper.
]Spencer being stuck in animation after being hit with Amaterasu’s counter.
[LEFT]When it comes to balancing, the only change noted so far is that Phoenix Wright’s assists are no longer invincible in Turnabout Mode. Phoenix Wright also had a voice change, he now says “Take that!” instead of “Take this!”, mirroring fan demand. Also Maya’s Shield comes out faster giving him more protection during evidence gathering.[/LEFT]

Pretty sure there are no other balance changes. The PW assist was probably the same situation as Sentinel’s health.

[s]No, there are other balance changes. I haven’t tested extensively, I only had 20min with the game, but so far:

Doctor Strange’s Impact Palm is now subject to HSD. This kills a fair number of his Bnb’s, makes all the Bnb’s he had harder, and is an unnecessary nerf to a well-balanced character.

This is the only change I have noticed and confirmed, it is definitely changed. My execution wasn’t the cause of them flipping out at the end (or middle) of my combos after I delayed something after an Impact Palm. 'Tis a sad day for Strange players.[/s]

Dummy me only tested in H&H mode, where it is apparently different.

I’m happy, I didn’t feel right about it to begin with, Strange will still be my main man

not sure if change… but its weird

in H&H mode if hitstun is high enough they can tech out of wesker’s cobra strike (236L) even though its hard knockdown. havent tested regular mode yet

PW Is useless now sadly. Those assists were main reasons to use him. He is now 100% officially a pointless joke character. I’m afraid of whats going to be patched here…keep it up with the updates folks!

Morrigan Astral Vision + Strider Wall Cling glitch = fixed

The clone looks really weird following you as you zip from wall to wall.

As for Phoenix Wright, remember this patch was planned from the jump. Capcom devs dont necessarily think the way we do. It’s fairly obvious they don’t want an a character in the game as “assist only” and the heavy nerfing on all the other similarly abusable assists means that this should come as no surprise either. Sometimes things just slip through the cracks before release.

Impact Palm isn’t nerfed at all, its still the same. ^ Noob above is wrong.

Downloading patch now. Testing Dante/Wesker/Doom/Akuma/Rocket Raccoon in training mode.

Will edit with findings.

this is not true



I think when two people mash Forward Heavy next to each other, they won’t repeatedly grab+tech each other anymore.
At least, I tried to do this with myself with 2 different sets of characters and it didn’t seem to work. (Although maybe my left hand and right hand weren’t synced)

And I’m pretty sure you can still tech at anytime. I teched a throw at the startup of spencer’s up-zipline.

wesker glasses off still gives him the buff. just tested it. A heavy hit was doing 80k then with glasses off was doing 92k so ya.

jesus if you used that against me online i think i’d just stand there to keep letting you style on me. to bad the hardest part of that (for me) is like getting a hit confirm lol, then the other stuff. and i certainly know that’d be easier on nemsis then RR. props.

I’ll stick with my guns when i say this, everyone is just paranoid about balance changes atm.

Prove me wrong.

I think so too. The same thing happened with Vanilla and the Sent patch, people were adamant that this and this and this had changed, and in the end they were wrong lol.