Constructive Criticisim please



Hello fellow guile players i recently did some matches and they were put up on youtube its my only source of reference atm so i was wondering if you guys could watch them and give me some pointers of what i need to work im still a beginner so please don’t be to harsh the guy that i am playing is darkknight10978 who is a really cool guy here is his channel

match 1 [media=youtube]S576TQfd4oI[/media]

match 2 [media=youtube]NCrTBa0Laxs[/media]

match 3 [media=youtube]VWe3muCK5Kc[/media]

match 4 [media=youtube]diCEN-u_y-E[/media]

im just trying to get better so feedback would be very beneficial for me thank you for taking the time out your day in aiding me if you choose to do so=)


From all those c.jab, c.jab, s.fierce possible opportunities you really only got a couple of jabs. See if you can link after those jabs easier. If you can’t, you can always cancel them into a SB. You need something to capitalize on those openings a bit more than just two jabs.

But a pretty decent Guile, considering that match up is hard… that Abel was nice too.


You play guile like how I used to play him when I first started.

first off you did good agaisnt abel backing away like that I dont have much abel experience but I know guile shouldnt be trying to get to his face.

the standing fierce link would only work if you link it off a standing jab

you also dont always have to jump after a sonic boom. Im not sure if you do that agaisnt other characters but you shouldnt do that too much especially mid screen like that. Im not saying its bad, but a lot of the times you did it, weren’t so safe.

show me some other vids with you agaisnt other characters.

good job so far.

edit: I saw the gouken match.

you need to use sonic booms how they are meant to be used.
Im not saying what youre doing is wrong, but his sonic booms are meant for you to make the opponent react to your favor. try throwing a jab sonic boom and walking after it and see what your opponent does.

your keep away game is ok, but you are missing a lot of fundamentals which is really needed if you want to be good with guile. learn the range of the pokes and work on your footsies and especially work on your zoning. keep your opponent at bay while gradually forcing him into a corner.

as I said before, use the sonic booms to your advantage and use it as a shield when you start advancing. dont throw too many ex booms especially when your opponent can punish you for it due to its high recovery time.
you got punished many times but still did it anyways.

keep practicing


your game is like ass in a wet paper bag


thanks guys for the advice i been practicing what you guys have been saying except gasp but im not even going to waste time on him so anyway thanks guys i will definitely keep practicing


please elaborate

But rushing down abel is fun


you play like me except you don’t suck

i always forget this myself but if you block the second hit of abel’s change of direction you can fire off a flashkick, a combo of your choice, or even a super (no HK super or ultra though)

you backed yourself into a corner a lot
you missed some links, but i think a lot of that was lag

a lot of weird lag was in those games,
so i hope you have access to an arcade or have friends
(unlike some of us)


You can fire off a FK if you block the first hit of CoD; no sense waiting for the second because if you have to block high, you lose your down charge.


not according to the frame data… flashkick executes in four frames but every change of direction (except LP) is only -3 on block… (according to srk wiki)

i must be missing something


Change of Direction
LP- -7 on block 24f block stun 29f recovery
MP- -3 on block 24f block stun 25f recovery
HP- -3 on block 24f block stun 25f recovery

29f+7f (Negative Gain) Recovery = 36f
25f+3f(Negative Gain) Recovery = 28f

LP 36f - 24f blockstun = 12frames For Counter
MP/HP 28f - 24f blockstun = 4frames For Counter

Second Middle (Overhead)
15frames startup.

12f+15f = 27 Frames for Flashkick Counter
4f+15f = 19 Frames for Flashkick Counter

Does that answer the doubt?


your guile was decent but there were a few really annoying things about how you played

here are some tips

i never saw you do it in the gouken or abel match and it really can help you also even if they block the medium kick still go for the overhead medium punch usually people tend to not block that punch until they figure out how to block it. it is much easier than trying to link two crouching punches and one standing heavy punch (which is impossible like the other guy said) which brings me to my next comment

learn some freakin combos in general
you had plenty of opportunities to really punish your opponents but instead you settled for the c.lp x c.lp > s.hp garbage

apply more pressure
if you knock someone down with a flashkick don’t throw a sonic boom and then retreat, instead throw a after the flashkick, jump at them and do something like this
(for corners only and you have to get in deep)
c.lp x x c.lp > x (or flashkick i think only light kick and ex works on that combo)
or even do a simple target combo

don’t FADC out of a flashkick that just wastes 2 ex bars that could be used for ex sonic booms (which can be invaluable during fireball wars) and ex flashkicks


Not necessarily good advice: FADC as you see fit. You can get meter back, but the health you lose from a punished FK is gone forever.


i think he was referring to the times he FADCed out of a flashkick on hit.


Nobody has the Jedi reflexes to hit confirm/FADC. You do the FK, hope it hits, but protect yourself if it doesn’t.


true. the time frame between FK and FADC is near non-existant, you cant hit confirm it without jedi reflexes.(good comparison). Its either your going to FADC or your not.


All good points. I guess the lesson would be to not throw out random FKs so you don’t have to waste Ex meter canceling them for safety because Ex is important for Guile.


it hits on the first active frame
so its only 25f+2f therefore recovery only 27f…

i still must be missing something


28f. the “hit” frame count was removed for easier mathematics.

Abel needs 28f recovery. block stun is 24f.
4f flashkick start up.

the math falls into place.
Not to mention the second mid hit is 15f,

giving you a whooping 4f+15f to execute a flashkick.


Thanks for having my back, djchen! Justanotherscrub, you don’t have to sit there and work out frame math. Just try it for yourself and behold the glory.


and the scramble as Abel trys to pin u down again.


i thought we were actually talking about an intelligent abel here…
who might try blocking the flashkick after change of direction and punishing guile with a combo…

oh well