Constructive Criticism


Was wondering if the wonderful community at SRK could help me out and give me a few pointers on how to play better/what I’m doing wrong and such. The video has me winning some matches and losing some, but I really want to turn the ones that I win into solid victories instead of ones where it looks like I just won by luck.

Troll me if you want too. I know I suck.


Hi Germo,

I’d say your biggest issue is not applying the incredible pressure with tron’s fire and wolvie. If you are dashing in you can call her, jump and divkick or use j.S for a potential combo starter. Other than that, practice practice practice.


My biggest problem with applying pressure is people that constantly zone me out. Like you can see in the first match that when Zero starts pulling out his gun and such, I kinda freeze and I don’t know what to do next. I know that Wolvie’s berserker slash doesn’t go through projectiles, and a super jump dive kick is way to easy to punish. Neither of my assist are ranged, so I can’t really do any damage to him while he’s putting me in the corner with projectiles. You see it a lot less with this video but amongst my irl friends, they all do that to me with Chris guns/Magneto beam assist.

I obviously also press way to many buttons for my own good. There’s a couple times I swing and get punished for it without the enemy being anywhere close to me. Like I just wanted to hit the air. I know I have to practise that too.

But thanks for the response man. I’ll work on it.


B.Slash goes through projectiles, which is why it is such an effective way to get around keep away characters

If you watch the video, he will go through Task’s Arrows. 1:48 to 1:55


Guess I have to work on my timing then for B.slashes. I usually get lamed out by Chris’s or Dooms that just decide to used their ranged stuff.

Do you have any suggestions for getting in with Tron beside the super easy to predict air dash? I know Bonne strike is effective, but if blocked it leaves you wide open.


Keep in mind i understand what your doing wrong i can tell you, im just too bad myself to tell you how to fix it.

I notice that you seem to be missing something in your tron BnB, i’ve fought her too many times and have sat in combos for about 5-10 seconds from anywhere on the screen. She has an OTG move where some metal things come out I noticed you just standing there after knocking the enemy to the ground, when the combo can go much further.

Im not that great at the game but I believe weskers ultimate whatever attack helped you out but it deals less damage than some others things you could do with those bars.

You aimed your second mid air drill claw incorrectly multiple times, and dropped the combo by mistake.


One thing I see is that you don’t seem to be confident. Wolverine is about keeping the pressure on, Wolverine is all about momentum, you keep on them, you pressure them until you break. Another thing is you don’t really seem to know your combos, I know online it can be hard to land some combos(or sometimes impossible) but you’re not doing much off your hits, especially with Tron.

Tron you need to learn how to instant air dash with j.H or j.S. Instant air-dashes with Tron are pretty easy, just do :d::df::f::uf: :atk::atk: and then :h: or :s:.
What this does is set you up with a forward super jump that you dash immediately after with. Super jumps have a lot more initial momentum, coupled with an air dash and an attack with j.H, your attack range becomes exponentially larger. Its an easy setup for Crossup j.Hs, as your so low to the ground the crossup happens quickly.


Get better at confirming off your Tron assist. It could have been that lag but at around 30 seconds in the vid you could have killed Zero.

Don’t just stand there. Berzerker Slash, Normal Jump forward, call Tron, anything. Don’t Super Jump -> Dive Kick, it’s really scrubby and only (barely) works on XBL.

You dropped your Tron combo but it’s most likely because of XBL, I can never do Tron combos on there either.

If you’re comgoing with Wolvie and they’re higher up Drill Claw up forward.

Don’t hard tag when there’s a dude mashing with XFactor Level 3 right in front of you lol.

S, j.M, j.M, j.H, S almost never works with Tron, don’t bother doing the H unless they’re a lot higher than you. Cancel the whiffed st.Hs into Drills too, you can cancel those into Super if they hit.

You can combo after Wesker’s counter, not sure if you messed up or just didn’t know.

Full screen Maximum Weskers are aful, Idk how you’re hitting everyone with them.

With Wesker poke with cr.L and S (in XFactor). Not cr.M.


Watching the first round you hold still far too often or back away and give up your pressure. With wolverine (with any character really) you need to be constantly moving. Multiple times through out the video you just stand there and wait for your opponent to shoot stuff at you. And I don’t mean moving as in “moving and inch forward and back then ducking” I mean you should be constantly dashing, super jumping, berserker slashing, etc. The more you move the harder it is for your opponent predict what you are going to be doing. You also seem to rely to much on wolverines crouching light while people are in the air. I notice a lot of people on xbox live do the whole spam crouching light but it is incredibly easy to punish and you should probably avoid it.


If you see your opponent just sitting on the ground, b.slash->b.charge. Also don’t forget you get one ground bounce if your first dive kick happens to ground bounce the opponent so going into another one after the first air combo will just force your opponent to roll.

Raw tagging when your opponent is x-factored is a bad idea. You had 5 meters and could’ve DHCd or alpha countered wolverine in. Raw tagging in general is completely situational. The last thing you want is your raw tag to be blocked and if your opponent is x-factored, you probably threw away a character.

If you’re not already, would suggest to use x-factor activation defensively if you’ve got the health and especially if they don’t have x-factor themselves. In most situations, it’s frequently guaranteed if you activate it while blocking most attacks that you can counter them with your own and go right into a combo for the kill. For example, say you’re fighting against wesker (no x-factor) 1 on 1 and he’s throwing out S which is -2 on block. You can’t punish it unless you’re close enough to throw him or you chicken block it. But since he has to commit to doing it (can’t cancel into anything), you can just x-factor as soon as you block it to be at frame advantage to start a combo. This is a 100% guaranteed punish.


Here were some things I saw and are probably repeats of what other better players have said but I hope they help!

  1. You would stop periodically during matches while making decisions (which I still do as well) but what that means is your giving your opponent a chance to get into a better position. You should always be working to get a dominant position, especially with someone like Wolvie or Wesker whose cross-up ability is dependent on your position relative to your opponent’s. Even if you don’t know how to attack the opponent, try your best to put yourself in a position to where you have more options than they do. For example, I run Task / Dorm / Doom and if my opponent’s team is superior at rush down, I try to keep a full screen from them with zoning at all times. whether I have an attack plan yet or not. This way, I have the dominant position and force them to play to their weaknesses. Since your team has strong cross-up options, you should always be moving to keep the right distance to cross-up your opponent.

  2. Also, you should be focusing on making more efficient decisions as well. For example, you finish Hagger off with a pistol to the face in one match and while cool, it was a poor choice because you picked a move with slow start-up that is a projectile when there was no distance between you and a character that thrives on close quarters. Another example was when Zero was in the corner and charging his buster. You could have simply B.Slashed him for a free cross-up (maybe while covering yourself with an assist) but instead you tried to super jump and then dive kick. While I think you were trying to move without getting caught by the buster shot (and before you knew that B.Slash was immune to projectiles), you picked a really long route for an attack that isn’t much of a cross-up in the corner

  3. I saw you mash cr.:l: at one point in a poor position (I think it was in the first match). Be careful as any good player will watch you do that and punish you for it

  4. Watch some streams of the characters you play and see how they use them. For example, you may want to consider and look at MvC 3 matches that use your characters (you can even search by character). That way you can see some of the setups and combos they use and incorporate their strategies.

  5. If you score a Rhino Charge (Wesker Hyper Counter) you should have a combo ready to go

  6. Use Wesker Assist for high / low unblockables as the OTG part of it doesn’t really help you that much because Wolvie BnB doesn’t need OTG and Tron can hit OTG with :d: + :h: . If you have Wolvie set to B.Barrage Assist you can use it to hold people in the air after Tron hits them with her OTG move.



Wow this is a lot of feedback. Thanks a lot guys, I’ma read through all this and post another video in a while, hopefully with a better ratio than you guys keep seeing haha.

EDIT - Alright so it seems with my team comp that I need Wesker OTG assist to finish the combo with tron. I’ve tried using wolvies barrage and all that but it just doesn’t seem to come out. Also, Trons j.S s.H s.S , j.M j.M j.H j.S, wesker otg king bot s.H lunchtime seems to do a lot more damage than Trons normal bread and butter, and is much easier to pull off. Is there a reason I should do her longer combo besides building meter?

Also, I was considering swapping out Wolverine for C.Viper for her shear damage output if you can get her combos down. But can Viper lock down someone as good as Wolverine (Assuming I figure out how to play this game correctly lmao)?