Constructive X-Factor discussion: what it takes to be balanced

So, a lot of use that have been eagerly awaiting Marvel 3 have it, and those who do, who also support the game’s succession or are remotely concerned about its balance, have at least one opposing view on it (at least in my experience, and I know I personally do) - that’s not to say people don’t or aren’t enjoy/enjoying the game, but it’s noteworthy and beneficial to evaluate the game’s current state and its concerns by the players that hold it up.

All that aside, one of the few overarching concerns in this initial phase has/is X-Factor and how insane it can scale along side some already great scaling characters: Chun, Akuma, D.Phoenix, Sent, etc.

So, onto the discussion part of this thread, the problem could lay in the additive gains that XFC grants statically to some of the “problem characters” already stated above, but what of a solution to this?

I was going to bed last night thinking of x2 bounce Akuma combos myself, when I began thinking of the integrity of all the mechanics in the game, and I thought, “Why not. . . just make XFC the same power level across the board, at early mid or late game?”

My biggest qualm with XFC atm is that is grants you a GIGANTIOUSLY huge bonus for getting rolled, and also giving you an opt out for overall bad play (often times resulting in a win if you get even the slightness of openings.) This is just the tip of the ice berg in terms of it as an anti-pattern, but it’s the big red-target concern of many players (rightfully so, mind you) at this stage.

So, my 2 cents: What would be wrong about leveling the playing field even more and granting both players the option to buff up, at a fixed rate, throughout the entire match? No scaling, more responsibility and more reward for actually playing well.

Other thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

This site is actually banning people for saying “KFC” instead of “XFC”, they think it’s “retarded slang”. Change it quick.

That’s sort of silly, but thanks for the heads up.

I want to see how XF plays out in the long run, especially when people increase their defense.

I think I understand the idea and want to keep someone in the game if they are down to their last character vs a team of 3. XF Lv3 is one character with no assist or DHC, they have to open you up and approach on their own, which the faster character can do easier than the slower ones imo, but they don’t kill you off as fast as the strong characters can. It’s just weather the storm.

Right now, I do think XF is overkill and just too much at times. I think it should be Lv1 stats on all three levels with just extended time or alternatively, Lv1 time with the stat boost, not both.

But I still stand by it being too early to tell if this is a real problem instead of lacking the experience to deal with it. It might be a problem now but will it be a problem when we better understand the game in a month from now? or 6 months? or a year?

I’d just hate for the game and its community to have to wait that long for the dev. team to empirically address it as a problem.

Great XFC suggestions though.

How long do you think it takes for something to be identified as a real problem as opposed to growing pains? I don’t think 2 weeks is enough time to say anything about it other than, right now it’s really strong. Next week, maybe people will be like “still strong but not as bad as I remember it during week 1 and 2”.

Before the PS3/360 era, there was no patches or updates, you had to learn to beat it or quit.

The criticisms have merit but my god, people were deeming this game broken on day negative two. Something’s wrong with that picture. But I mean there’s always gonna be knee-jerks and with the amount of attention this game got from so many different people it’s no surprise that there are more knee-jerk reactions than for other fighting games. But I just think it’s silly to act as if you know this game in week two.

And can we give the “this game is easy” remarks a break? Being capable of dealing damage easily does not make the game itself easy. >__> go win a couple tourneys and then call me with that shit.

I agree with most all of what’s been said. Just let it only be one level of X-Factor. The only thing that should change about X-Factor when a character is lost is the time it lasts. There’s no reason that people should be given GOD for LOSING 2 characters. The 1 Set Level, 3 durations idea works the best.

Someone suggested rearranging X-Factor’s time limits, since XF Level 1 has no real use other than a one-character kill.

IMO, things about XF that should stay are:

  • Move cancellation (XFC best feature)
  • Red life healing.
  • Damage boost but not as extreme as lv.2 or lv.3. A lv.1 XF with different “levels” of duration would be the best.
  • Speed boost is fine.

Well, part of it is that Capcom actually wants a comeback mechanic, so something like that will exist ( the original incarnation of X-factor actually was only usable when you had one character left, though the power and duration were basically level 1 ).

They did have a couple builds where X-factor was one level and usable all match, the problem I noticed with that version though is that it was essentially made very niche. The main use of XF seemed to be granting whoever landed the first hit in the game a guaranteed character kill ( and usually the other guy would do the same as soon as he got a hit ) rather than any incentive to save it.

The scaling option does have some benefits, it means playing a game to the end is more viable, which is neat…

Mr X’s suggestions seem nice, or barring either of those, just generally narrow the gap between the different versions, as it stands using XF for anything other than to buff your last character is extremely situational, and that seems like it flies in the face of Capcom’s revisions of the mechanic which tried to make it more than just a comeback button.

X-Factor is a cool mechanism, I think we’ll see many interesting uses of it. It’s still too early to say if it’s broken in high level play, we’ll see it on the course of the next months.

Im fine with it exactly how it is, i’ve seen people use level 1, 2 and 3 for very different purposes, from killing a point/assist/both character early on, to breaking out of block stun to protect an assist from getting raped, to preventing a point from being chipped out, to performing a one character come back, so as far as im concerned its all good. I mean even if they reduced the amount of damage a lvl 3 x-factor did, sentinel would still kill your entire team with one combo so the way i see it, it actually helps the characters who do less damage more than the tanks.

Yeah, the versatility of this mechanic is quite astounding. Definitely one of the main reasons I want to see how it develops over time.

I echo pretty much everything that’s been said in this thread.

I like the idea of using level 1 scaling for all levels, everything else seems fine as is. That would still give the player incentive to save their x-factor till the end of the match, at the same time not being overkill. But definitely too early to tell.

The whole point is to balance out the huge disadvantage losing a character puts you at. If it’s 1v3, you kinda need God to balance it.

I think it accomplishes that goal. In MvC2, if somebody has a low-health Commando or Doom, I snap that bitch in and kill him, stat. In MvC3, it’s more of a decision. If I get rid of that Doom assist, I give him the ability to kill me with X-Factor. Maybe I’m not good at dealing with Doom assist, so I just kill him. Or maybe I have a character who doesn’t have much trouble avoiding Doom, and I’m more worried about X-Factor.

I’m just worried that level 1 is too weak. I’d like each level to be viable to some extent.

I think lv.1 is fine, I am actually fine with XF in general, just that lv.3 could be lowered a bit more in power.

Some people can kill with hitconfirm>xfc>combo without meter and kill and average health character, and most just need one meter.

I’d say put a cap on dmg and speed and make it effect slow moving characters more because thor with xfactor is still pretty slow

I think X-Factor is fine for the most part. The main problem is that Sentinel, the character most equipped to exploit it, is already a very strong character. I think 90% of the complaints about X-Factor would disappear if Sentinel were toned down a bit. I still think it’s too early to make any kind of definitive judgment about what is and isn’t overpowered, but if you put a gun to my head and told me to suggest some nerfs, I would take away ground bounce on the frying pan and super armor on low M.

This is the mindset I don’t understand, sent can 90% most of the cast without x-factor and Im sure he can 100% the entire cast with a lvl 1 x-factor. If they toned it down I honestly think sentinel will be the one least affected by it, he will still 100% your entire team for free but all of a sudden you won’t be able to 100% him anymore.