Consumer Relations: Where you get to see the worst humanity has to offer


I’m thinking it’d be interesting to have a thread where those who have had, or currently have to, work with the public can offer some stories.

I’ll give a few of mine (all of these were from when I used to work at Circuit City).

Working at a mall based Circuit City I was in the front of the store and heard some yelling outside the store. I didn’t think anything of it because it’s a mall and sometimes that happens, but the yelling kept getting louder, and louder and it turned out to be some lady. She was pissed off like I’ve never seen anyone pissed off before. She was yelling, “SHERRY SUMMERS LIKES TO TAKE IT IN THE ASS!”



Well what happened was pretty obvious apparently this lady’s guy was cheating on her so she walked through the whole mall talking about how Sherry (who worked there) was a house wrecking ho that liked to take it in the ass. Security and one of our managers stopped the lady before she could turn the corner to where Sherry was working at, and she ran upstairs to hide, so nothing happened after that, but me and some of the other people who worked there were laughing our asses off.

Story #2

I worked in the computer department, and a guy comes in looking for a printer. He says that he wants something that prints 11 x 8. I told him that all printers print 8 x 11. This wasn’t good enough for him. He insisted on something that printed 11 x 8, so I held up a piece of paper, and said “This is 11 x 8 [rotated it] this is 8x11,” and went on to tell him about landscape vs. portrait mode. While I was talking he looked over and saw a printer that printed 11 x 14, so of course that meant that it printed 11 x 8. He cut me off in the middle of what I was saying and said, “naw man that shit’s too complicated,” and demanded to buy that printer.

…That printer costed $800.

Retail Experiences

Sigh. Why do people not research what they want to buy? Always confuses me.
Btw. Sherry sounds like a trooper.


Did you commission the sale? Oh, wait. That’s Fry’s.

I hate both stores, BTW. :tup:


I work at a utility company dealing with extremely escalated people.

All I gotta say is that 20somethings are fucking stupid and think they are entitled to anything and everything.


Well Circuit City doesn’t really exist anymore. It technically does, but it’s not a brick and mortar outlet anymore and was bought out by some other company. As for commission I believe it was $12, but the problem with a sale like that is that you know the guy’s obviously a bit unstable and whimsical. I was kinda worried he’d bring it back and raise hell cause he thought I tried to hustle him… he didn’t though.


Funny story cause something similar happened to me not long ago, since I work at a computer store. Father and son walk in and the son is doing all the talking and what not, they are both Serbian.The son is a really nice guy and asks for advice for a new motherboard and power supply. I get him the board and I get him two power supplies that are around the same price/quality, but one has a mail-in-rebate. Now for some fucking reason the father thinks that he has to get both power supplies and begins to flip out. He fucking starts yelling at his son and me, asking me what the fuck do I have to get two for. I try to explain to him that he doesn’t have to get two, but he’s not having any of it. He just grabs one and takes it to the cash register to check out. Needless to say, the kid apologized to me for his dad being such a dick.

You guys should have seen this guy, I have never seen a guy rage so hard in my life…over nothing.

Working in retail, I’ve come to understand that people are fucking retarded.


I worked in retail for a good while until I landed a nice writing job… But when I worked at Target, that easily was one of the worst working experiences of my life.

I worked in the photo lab which was conveniently next to the customer service desk. Well some lady bought something from a Target in a different city and insisted on bringing it back here. Unfortunately I got stuck with her because everyone bounced on me. Well there is no problem with returning something to a different store, but the problem was that her attitude was absolutely uncalled for. She came at me like she obviously lost her mind. When I asked her what the situation is, she talked about how I am too slow to understand her (I am like wtf? and started to get pissed) but I calmed down and tried to be as polite as possible (I had put in my two weeks so I just wanted to leave on a positive note). She kept talking to me crazy, even when I was calling the store where she bought the item from. I told her if she would just let me do my job and be quiet then I could make sure that her problem was taken care of (side note, she had two of her sons there who were dumb big, which is why I think she was talkin to me so crazy, and of course they are wantin me to say somethin) Anyway I took care of her, and also told her that being rude to me was uncalled for, especially since I was not rude to you and was just trying to help. Well she went off and called me some more names and shit, and left with not even a thank you. Well later on that evening she comes back and apologizes for being so rude and blah blah blah.

But the moral of the story is that retail is fucking terrible. During the holiday season it seems to bring out the worst in people.


the best part of the story was that it “costed $800”. hahahah

im outi



Meh, so I made a typo. It wasn’t my first and it wont be my last.


Working at wally world pharmacy, this old guy raged over us not having is size of depends. Cursed up a storm to me, my manager and then to CS. He kept coming back for the next 2 weeks to check and just raged harder each time because we couldnt get any in stock. Then i never saw him again.


Seems like a lot of people have a mentality where anybody in customer service has to be abused to get what you want or they are going to take advantage of you or something.


I don’t think it’s that, I think it’s more along the lines of people knowing that if they eventually yell at the right person then some shit is going to get done. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on who you ask, this has been conditioned in people who shop retail for like the last 60 years. The other side to it is that typically the first person you’re talking to isn’t going to be able to give you what you want if your situation is complicated.

It also doesn’t help that the general public are usually just dumb as fuck.


Try being a GM. You’ll see some messed up shit from other players. :lol:


Try being a mod on a fighting game website where every one thinks they’re entitled to something free and can act however they want.



More like if they yell enough, a manager will step in. The customer is always right is the dumbest thing in the universe.

I will throw up some good stories when I get home later this evening.


I had a mother who got pissed when I wouldn’t let her kid use our bathroom in the back (out of order at the time) and straight dropped her kids pants in the store tellin him to pee on the floor. Tried to pick fights with other customers as well. By some miracle, the kid didn’t pee on our floor lol. Guess he was smarter than his mom already.

All I can say is that when someone does a good job at a store like that, go out of your way to tell a manager or something about it. Because nobody ever says shit until something goes wrong.


^ yo that is well said. I noticed that i never had complaints or anything but when i did stuff right I never got recognition (even when I went above and beyond to help out a customer) I think what annoyed me is that certain people got so much praise for being mediocre (basically attractive females) and it was the guys like me (the guys who worked their asses off) were the ones who usually got screwed over. But I can say this, I truly appreciate the job I have now (music journalist) and make a point to put in a good word for someone who has helped me when I am at the store.


I had a customer return a Nintendo 64 to my store saying the machine was busted and didn’t work, and he was raging on about “how can I sell someone a system that doesn’t even work” Making a huge ordeal out of it, in front of his kids, complaining how long the drive was, etc. I hooked the system up, plugged in Mario 64. It worked. Plugged in Ocarina, it worked, plugged in Shadows of the Empire, it worked. I asked them what was the specific problem they were having, and the whole family had this dumb look on their faces. Turns out they were expecting the N64 to have a dashboard like the 360 or the PS3, so they were firing up the system without a game in it, and getting a black screen. They drove 40 miles round trip in a rage…good times.

On the slightly stupid note, you wouldn’t believe how many people come in looking for Grand Theft Auto IV and say, “Do you have a copy of Grand Theft Auto 4? I’ve been looking for it everywhere and everyone just has GTA IV(as in Eye-Vee)”:wtf:

Mispronunciations are so much fun too…I hear many.
Can I see that Spline-Ter Kell? for Splinter Cell
Can I see that Science Row? for Saint’s Row

I had a guy look directly at Portal 2, point at it and asked if he could see that Paranormal 2.:shake:


Me too. I just wrote to an Apple store a min ago praising a tech of theirs for replacing my busted phone.

Just being nice to a person who deals with assholes all day can make that person feel appreciated. I know I felt good when customers remembered my name and smiled.

Smiling or Cheezing made me feel good inside even if it wasn’t directed towards me.


Lol, Sf-Zero2 you have no idea how hard I am laughing right now.