Contact Details: Listing XBL and PSN names

Under contact details we’re allowed to list:

Google Talk
Windows Live
Yahoo! Messenger

Yet we can’t list our XBL and PSN names? You would think that those would be the main forms of communication amongst players on a video game related forum. Can those please be added to the list of contact details?

So is no one interested in being able to list their XBL and PSN names in their contact details?

Yeh the old forum had it, made it easier to add people

Yea, this needs to come back…

Hop to it mods

So has a mod even read this thread yet?

More stuff will get done after Evo 2011. We are all super busy at the moment.

Should I just resurrect this thread after Evo then?

EVO is over, hop to it.

Add Steam names while you are at it…please.