Contact information for "Bang The Machine" Producer(s)?

Hey all,

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but here goes. Tried searching beforehand.

I’m trying to get “Bang The Machine” screened at the Penny Arcade Expo this year (I know the people that can make it happen!) but I am not having much luck finding anything in the way of contact information for the individual(s) responsible for producing it.

If anyone (mods? EVO organizers?) has such information and would be generous enough to forward it to me, I would REALLY appreciate it. And I’m sure the community would appreciate it as well.


The biggest majority of PAX goers wouldn’t give 2 shits about Bang the Machine. If it’s not nerdcore, nintendo or WoW related they usually don’t care.

You would be wrong, especially seeing as I just discussed it with a friend, who is the Special Events Manager for PAX, and… he’s interested.

Stop shitting in my thread.


PS - Love your stealth edit

He meant the attendees, not the organizers.

And not to pop your balloon but unless you can guarantee that nobody in that room will have a camera or cell phone cam, it probably isn’t going to happen.

Yeah. God forbid I put more substance into a post because I thought I was being too vague. My bad.
Also, one person doesn’t equal 1000’s of people who plan on attending pax.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea but I’m saying the attempt would be in vain since no one would aside from maybe a handful of people would actually care or understand the significance of the movie.

this as well. Evo staff banned all camera’s (including camera phones) from the the screening and if you were caught with one you were ejected from Evo immediately.

No one can guarantee that. But I am personally willing to take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen. And it wouldn’t be very difficult either… just get some enforcers to hang out in the screening room and keep their eyes open.

The majority of PAX attendees are pretty chill and they would likely respect the wishes of the producers and con organizers so I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue.

In any case, these are all issues that can be resolved with the BTM producers, so I’d like to keep this thread on-topic. Anyone that can provide contact information, please post it here on PM me.


I don’t know. King of Kong is wildly popular, is about competitive gaming, and arguably is about a game that, well, no one should give a shit about at PAX. At least you know the people there play fighters and have, in all likelihood, at least heard of some of the guys in BTM.

I’d imagine Mr. Wizard, inkblot, or ponder would have contact info for the producers.

Have you met someone who hasn’t heard of Donkey Kong?

Have you met people who’ve never heard of Street Fighter?

I’m willing to bet most anyone who has gone to PAX has heard of both. And I’m willing to bet it’s more likely that they’ve played SF and not DK.

I’m quite sure this new “I Got Next” documentary would be much more relevant to the PAX audience. I haven’t seen BTM so I’m not entirely sure of its content…but I can only imagine competitive SFIV players would be more engaging to people not part of our scene than competitive SFA3 players.

Ubersaurus, thanks for the tip. I have contacted Mr. Wizard and inkblot… ponder unfortunately does not accept PMs. :frowning:

Any other leads would be greatly appreciated! Thank you everyone for your help so far!