Contacting the hitbox team?

My housemate has a hitbox which I have used in the past and I now want to get one for myself. I emailed the guys about when they would be getting more stock but no reply. My housemate told me he had the best service from them so I didn’t think too much of it. Then I ordered one and got the confirmation order #3975 email. I tried contacting them again about whether I could cancel the order/get charged a different day as I didn’t factor the USD to AUD price and was broke for a week after the payment was taken. I have tried to contact the hitbox team on their facebook and through the email on their website but still haven’t received any communication back. Its now about 18 days since I made the order so the hitbox should be arriving soon as they haven’t returned my original payment but still don’t have any tracking number (post) to confirm. Does anyone know how else I could contact them to find out if they are sending me my order?

As luck would have it, my life partner is a member of the team! He’s at the gym right now (when isn’t he?) but he should be back within the hour. I’ll ask him to look into it :slight_smile:

Send them dick pics.

Why would you think SRK is where you come for Hitbox’s customer service?

Incidentally, I always thought people just custom-made hitboxes.

you deserve what you get for ordering one of those monstrosities

Sounds like you got fucked in the ass, man. That sucks.

I don’t think he’s looking for the kind of service and services you are looking for. :coffee:

This really should be in the hitbox customer service subforum.

Thank you so much for that it would be appreciated. I am glad I could find some help within the fighting game community.

Sorry didn’t realize there was a sub-forum already.

PM me your payment info and I’ll see what I can do.


Don’t do this please.