Containing randomness

I think at this point I’m a decent player. I’m not godlike, but I think I’m solid at the very least. I received a rude awakening about a year ago when I attended Final Round. I was playing casual ST matches, and I found that playing against top players was better than playing people on GGPO. I played against this strong Bison player from Florida, and he had a really good Bison, but he played Bison different than on GGPO. He didn’t really frantically rush at me like a lot of Bisons on GGPO use to do. He stayed on the ground, was really patient, and kind of found ways in on me. I found this way better than playing mash happy Bisons on GGPO.

I guess the point I was making is that a lot of played I was playing on GGPO would play really random. Like at any point of the match, they were alway hitting something. I found it really hard to win against such players. I’m a very metholdical player, and I love to train my opponent not to do certain things. But I found that I would always play matches correctly, but still get randomed out in the end. It seems like the worst thing you can do to me in a match is just get random.

I mean I know how to play a solid defensive and spacing game. But people always hit me with stuff that seems ridicuous to throw out. People may say this is clutching the win, but I’ve played high level players in the past who can still clutch it out, but not go random trying to do it. I’ll be attending Final Round next week. I have no doubt I’m prepared. But I do fear that randomness is my weakness. I can’t deal very well with randomness in players.

I find it hard to do the following:

 Deal with people who constantly press buttons.  I find myself getting hit more than I should.

 People who toss out random specials/supers/etc.   Even when I'm in a position to bait it, they'll throw it out.

Habitual jumpers.   Thisis more of an issue with online play than offline play.  Offline my anti-air game is more on point, but online jumping in at me means you've beat me.  Though I really want to give someone an disincentive from jumping.

People constantly walking forward.  I've played against people who do nothing but walk forward all match.   This is bad pratice, but sometimes they walk forward and start mashing random attacks, and I get hit.

People who play unsafe wakeup.  I try to bait it out, but they inevitably will do it everyime on wake up.

people abusing low jab. A lot of people will do unsafe moves, and then start mashing jab after they do it. I know how to abluse low jabs, but I hate when I subject to unsafe move/lowjab spam all match.

I guess after playing online, I lose less to randomness now. That has been one of the benefits, because I’m more prepared for people who just like to throw unsafe stuff out. however, I do get REALLY frustrated by these people. how do you keep calm when you deal with a guy who just can’t stop getting random. It makes me nervous because he clearly is willing to just throw anything out.

Any tips?

People who play super-unsafe and easy to beat if you keep cool. Just play defensive at the start of the match, make sure you’re on point with blocking and teching, and just identify what they’re doing wrong.

If they just throw out a ton of normals you gotta decide what moves you have to beat their favorite ones. Like (sf4 example) if i’m playing Rufus v. ryu, and he’s putting out a lot of’s I’ll try to dive kick over it. Don’t get flustered and do random normals, just block their moves, figure out what’s gonna beat their move, and use that when the moment comes.

For random supers, just block more. You may get hit with one every once in a while, if you’re attacking there’s always a chance they’re gonna try to hit you with some random special or super, but as long as you stay relatively safe, and block enough so that they feel worried about doing that (maybe punish a few dps or something) than you can reduce your chances of losing to a random super.

Against jumpers, just anti air them. Simple as that. If you’re having trouble just practice more.

Walking forward: Try to poke them enough to stop them from wanting to walk into you. If they don’t stop keep poking them. If they get in focus on keeping your defense strong and getting out of there.

Unsafe wakeup: if they’re actually do it every time just block it and punish. If they just do it a lot, either find something that beats their reversals (like rufus’ deep meaty dive) or block. They might stand up and do nothing while you’re blocking sometimes, but that’s better than getting hit. It is a guessing game however, just try to predict more effectively than your opponent.

Abusing Jabs: If they’re doing unsafe moves punish them before they get the chance to jab. If they can jab you every time that move isn’t unsafe, so you shouldn’t be trying to punish it every time. It’s just a matter of having good timing and knowing your frame data/punishable and unpunishable moves.

Good luck at Final Round

I was just thinking about making a thread about the same thing.

It seems like higher level players are playing a completely different game.

At low level when you’re trying to level up your game it’s hard becauase everyone you play against is just mashing shit out. They’re shoryukening my meatys. They jump in so much even after I punish it that I inevitably miss a few and they hit me. Their mixups are just endless flurries of attacks, I don’t know where to block because they don’t even know where they’re hitting. I try to keep my distance so they can’t mash jab me but they just charge through my fireballs.

The weird thing is if I were to play as retarded and random as them I’d get wasted. I don’t know how they do it. I’m gonna start calling them kamakazes.

So they are just mashing buttons? then they must NOT be blocking right?
Then it should be easy for you if you are such a descent player…