Contest Aftermath (post your comments here)

Wow… SMFC, that pic Rock0rz. Nice, plain and simple.

Gammon, I didnt think too much of your pic at first, that is until I zoomed in for a closer look. What detail, she looks real. Like some fucking Xbox graphics or some shit. Uber Cool0rz.

I already talked to you Kan.:lol:

Mrs. R Bison, Your pic is nice as well. I see you havent changed it since before.

Ryuho, nice action there and nice poses. Too bad Sagat>Yang

Knuuckles, …:confused:, nice attempt.

And of course Deon, Meh… I dont like Karins’ face much and she seems alittle big. Cody is Pumpin though:cool:

Drop off your comments here.

ArRrr ArrrRrr SFMC’s one is TOO GOOD!!! Holy SHIT I can never estimate how far this guy’s potential can go… this is TOO AWESOME. I have to save this n tell my frends I did it. You see lots of great art on the net but it’s pretty seldom you see an absolutely KICKASS SF fanart but maybe that’s because I didn’t bother to make an effort to search for them. I’m glad you picked Birdie too, it’s nice to see cool characters that people never really draw.

Gammon one is cool too… Hadoken hahahahaahaa… :smiley:

Elena’s Cleavage?

Hey everuhbudEY! I am liking what everyone has done so far, I think my favorites are Kandoken’s and SFMC’s though. GET A SCANNER YOU HOZMO KANDOHO.

I knew SFMC was gonna beat me cuz he draws his pictures much faster and can still make it look pi0mp. I suppose my excuse is, I was wanting to try something different than putting out a well drawn, cool picture, with a background and just make an ultra-pwnz portrait of one characer, lol, it almost sounds like I was trying not to win, heh heh. Great job SFMC, you get my imaginary 50 dollars.

Everyone elses is cool too, keep w3rkin that shit and youz all bez betterz.

I really think tippietoe or gammon should win, but too bad he didn’t make it in time as I almost missed the deadline too so i left it unfinished.

Gammon that shit is nice. Too bad you didn’t fully render both with a bg. Shit would have blown up.

Deo. Nice job on drawing, but i really think you should get into cg. Prismacolors or whatever you are using can only take you so far. Not insulting you or anything just to let you know.

Mrs bison. Nice, but where is the bg. I think you should have suggested a bg in there somewhere.

Kandoken. Get a scanner dude. Man that looks reeeaaaly good for ms paint. Wait till i see your shit on paper. Bet you that shit is the bomb.

Ryuho(skaterkid) Is that paint or cg. I remmber you painting in acrylics all the time so that will reflect how your work is gonna look. Has an artistic look to it good stuff.

Knuuckles. How long did that take you?

sfmc, it pencils “painted” in ps.

i like the ben kweller quote in your sig, too.

We have a winner

OK winner is SFMC for really good drawing, awesome colors, and a lame attempt at a background. i might do this again but there wasnt that many entries so i might not.

Good Job SFMC

You made it happen.

15-20 minutes, including looking for my markers :lol: :lol:

congrats sfmc

OOo cool. If you deal drugs or recently robbed anyone I don’t want your dirty money. If you make it honestly hand it over. While you’re at it give me an intuos 2 sf comic and a check. Thanks for the grats guys, even though you people did a good job also.

i have to say there was no comp for sfmc. he did a great job, too bad some of the other ppl, including myself, didnt make an entry. its really ghey how poor the numbers turned out. oh well, sfmc deserves that 50$

I am never eating at McDonalds agian

dude…I get The shitters for two days and i cant finish my work :frowning:

Oh well, nice work SFMC

nice work, SFMC on that pic… and congrats on winning :slight_smile:

other pics that I especially liked were gammon’s (realism + “hadoken!” = :lol: ) and Kandoken’s (MS Paint?! how the heck do you draw like that in MS Paint?!).


where in the hell are the picturez

there in “Final Art goes Here” thread

pay attention!

SFMC’s work was incredible. Savin’ that one to my harddrive. Makes me wish I had entered (even though I would have had my ass handed to me in small portions).

Great job to those who had the balls (and ovaries too, I guess) to enter.

I honestly think the work I was doing with the 3d program (SRMA) would have won, but I was sick…that happy ass ronald mcdonald better watch out for me or he is gonna die.

i sent you your shit and its clean money. if you want a tablet i got a 6x8 im trying to get rid of. i was thinking about giving it away as a prize for the next contest but its worth like 300 bucks or something but if you want to buy it i can sell it to you. the comic book i cant help you with, im keeping all of mine.


It’s kinda late for replies on this thread, but it ain’t too late to give thanks. Thanks to everyone who gave my art props :stuck_out_tongue: I love all of you’se… But we ALL knew that SFMC pwned us even before the contest…(or at least I did) Anyways, I got my friend’s SC2 and i’m still practicin up (since I have no computer)… I’ll getta scanner and comp soon enough… Hopefully I’ll be able to get it all when I go to art school like this semester.:smiley: later