Contest in evo

I guess we could do something cool at evo aside from the games, like a food contest (the fatest eater) or faster drinking contest you know, something like that, i am not trying to say it will be boring and we will have to do this but i mean it will kick ass and evo will have an extra touch for more badass fun. Anyways me and samson decide this and hopefully someone has more suggestions of how cool will it be, Anyways this will kick ass trust me, anyways post-out thnx

I’m down!!! Everyone watch out!!! I used to train a couple of years ago at eating food. I wanted to be a professional eater. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

how about sumthing like fastest to drink a 2 liter of soda? or who can drink the most water in an hour or sumthing? shit would b funny seeing ppl making anonymous stops in the bathroom hahaha

damm sweet ideas u guys have :rofl: , sounds cool

Breakdance contest~!

Whoever gets served the most loses!

oh man, if its a pepsi, like >10 seconds.
slightly chilled though, too warm and it can upset the stomach easily.

but with all the people attending evo, how would you choose who participates?

why not a burrito eating contest like in TS5 im pretty sure that would be interesting of course they burrito king of texas would have to rep… :clap:…damn those were pretty big burritos though…

Well, I have some pretty good idea for the food eating contest. As some of you know the hotal/ casino the Rio has the biggest buffet in the world. So I say we all go there to have and eating contest. That shit would be godly, just pay like $12 and then put in like $10 - $20 to enter the contest. Feedback? Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Who ever can eat the most buffalo wings / teriyaki wings in a sitting wins.

<----Loves wings… my friends literally witnessed them chinese buffet people purposely not refilling the teriyaki wings for me cause I keep eating them and had bones of it stacked up high on a plate LOL. Eat only the good and expensive stuff at buffets…gotta get your moneys worth! (Plate was probably 12 inches in diameter with the bones stacked higher than a foot and a half)

This was during my weight training days though…don’t think I can do that again.

We can also do a soft taco eating contest( asked MrWizard about this hehe), milk drinking contest, Jello eating, whatever!

Fuck man, we had one of these at are school and it is anything but pretty. We had the contest to raise money for something and people had to drink like a gallon of whole milk and keep it in their system for like an hour. That shit tears right through you. I guess a body can’t handle that much milk at once (especially whole milk) and people were vomiting left and right even on themselves and each other :wasted: . Funniest part was at the end when there was the countdown to the end of the contest, 3…2…1…whistle everyone rushed for the nearest trash can or window. Also what made it worse was it was inside a portable :lame: so the smell was ripe as hell. Cool thing was everyone who won got a free trip to Hawaii. So I guess the milk drinking contest is kinda outta the question. I say we stick to foods and other non vomit causing liquids. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

whoever finishes 10 tofu hot dogs first wins.

chainsmoking contest. i’m down.

Ha ha ha good ideas really good ideas!!!

I challenge anybody to a chicken nugget eating contest!

I have eaten 50 chicken nuggets from Wendys in under 8 minutes, and I have on tape a 25 nugget contest I won. I ate 25 in 3 mins 14 secs, and we both tied, so we did another 10 nugget round, which I won in 1 min 31 secs. I promised I wont ever do it again, since i felt like shit for the next 3 days, but if there is a good challenge, I might accept.

Wow!!! Shit really, u r insane :rock:

I would love to try something like this. I can eat a whole bunch of nuggets on my own. On 99 cent nugget tuesdays I use to buy 20 boxes 6 pieces for myself and eat those. Dunno how long it would take but I think 50 wouldn’t be a prob LOL. Anyone remember those little cartons of milk the elementary cafeterias use serve during lunch? I know its small but I was able to drink it in 1 second.

I hear that. Let me tell ya, never forget you’re lactose intolerant and decide to chug a gallon of milk, pretty gritty results. Man, am I thankful my dorm had happened to get industrial-strength toilets just before, cause I was serving up a little more than a normal toilet’s daily allowance if you know what I mean. Verdict on milk contests: bad.

I’m still up for dodgeball & connect 4 tournaments. :tup:

Aside from the “let’s eat till we die” contests, I think it would be pretty tight if we got the chance to make the EVO trailer as a contest. Say that Wiz and the others give everyone certain footage to use, and say that it has to be a certain length long, etc etc, and the winner… get’s free DVD pack? Or whatever as a prize, I just think it would be a pretty cool contest. We can show off the entrants durning the intermissions of the finals on the last day and do a poll or something… Just a thought.

Dude what a great thought but i think it should be after EVO just my thought, and each person take their own footage for the final DVD the EVO 2k5 DVD and the winner will get a special parrt in the evo dvd, like theiir own section like seth’s cam for evo 2k4 something like that, and the winner will get a little extra something.