You guys better enter this contest over in the comic forum.

Go check it out. Go go go go.

for those that don’t have an account at the othe forum, where do we send out entries?

Yeaheah buddy

this might be the break I need. Im probably gonna do a character for each contest.

Sounds Great SFMC…should have a ton of entries from all over, where do we sign up? and what are the deadlines???..:smiley:

**Awesome. Looks like I popped back in at just the right time. :slight_smile: **

hey can someone update on this? the link to the other srk thread is down. SFMC?


D.Fist: Deadline is August 30th at midnight…

Drawstick BATTLE !!!

What do you Draw where do you send it. I’ll enter If I can get the damn details!!!

I’m going to draw my own Darkstalkers and Rival schools characters. I guess thats the theme?

Man am I outta of the loop

Dude the link is right above you lol.

I don’t know if I should do a full character map or a pinup!

Yeah but link doesn’t work.

Can someone just copy and paste the details here?

It sounds interesting

Pretty Please.

the link is in Gunstar’s post, see the words "drawstick battle?"
click on them. voila :slight_smile:

Yeah Look in gunstars post, not mine is what i meant. If that doesn’t work you must be using ghetto explorer.

:dp: :hp:
sfmc edit your signature, the first line should be 2 lines.

man the new smilies are king

i think imma try to get one done :sweat: hope i make it in time…heheeh