Continuing this combo


lp, lp, sj, lp, lk, hk, hk, land…

from there usually i’ll do either j.hkx2…

anything else

what are you trying to do?

continue the combo, or make it better… or figure something useful out with it. nothing spectacular or tournie worthy… just for my own use.

You could call out Doom for some chip, or go for the HK throw to set them up for more damage.

he got to it before i could but yeah what he said

i like to do the regular aircombo then otg the opponent so i get the forced roll, from there

i use the jump airdash cancel fk(or lk,fk) for 1-2 hits on the way in

that move doesn’t do much blockstun for some reason and because of that, his fp throw is nearly instant vs characters with low blockstun defense against throws. That doesn’t mean that he can’t still combo from it as well, it’s just always tighter timing to rushdown with it or to follow up and combo. his fp is better for blockstun and hitstun. people tell me that different moves don’t do different blockstun, but i get wierd set-ups from different moves. maybe i’m seeing something that isn’t there but i seriously doubt it…

or u can jump lk for an instant overhead+assist, then since he has the ability to do extra attacks if he uses lk early during a jump you can do the following.




late fk

you can use this in a huge variety of ways, its pretty beastly to follow up with lp bite as well and use a helper when you land, then re-rush.

his airthrow into tron is too nice btw

venom is not low tier

venom tron is actually pretty good and i use it here or there. random stuff like lk+tron,lk,tron hits, dash forward jab,wait and feirce punch grab and repeat the same combo into launcher or super for good damage.

im a venom newb, but today i was just throwing out air hk with the doom assist in the corner and got a sentinel to boucne into what seemed like a semi infinite at the very least. i got 9 jumping hks in a row to keep bouncing them in the air…anybody know how to do soemthing like this more consistantly? im not sure exactly how to set it up.

Venom exansion-Sentinel ground-Tron projectile

Venom Corner Mix-Up Setup:

FK throw, walk forward, (juggle), hold forward.

-Venom switches sides with the opponent and is now in the corner.

Corner Mix-Up with Assist:

  1. FK throw, walk forward, call tron proj +, hold forward (cross-up) xx venom web.

note: The cross-up sandwhiches the opponent between venom and tron. Its a nice mix-up because there are two ways to get your opponent to block the wrong way. (a) the cross-up itself (b) when you do the venom web, venom jumps out of the corner, forcing the opponent to turn around and possibly block the wrong way. They?ll eat tron’s rings and the venom web will link. And finally, if its blocked, its safe.

  1. FK throw, walk forward,, hold forward (cross-up), call tron proj xx venom web.

note: Its very similar to the combo above, except the opponent isnt sandwhiched. The venom web still forces the opponent to turn around and potentially block the wrong way. Also, its a nice mix-up between the two combos. Again, its safe if it is blocked.

  1. FK throw, walk forward, call sentinel ground,, hold forward (cross-up), [hit confirm], xx Death bite.

Possible for drones to interrupt the super

note: I like tron mix-ups a bit more, but this is ok. If you see the crossed-up s.lks hit, do the super. If not, then let the drones hit from behind-usually blocked-and go from there. If the super is interrupted, I like to go for a tick FK throw back into the corner.

  1. FK throw, walk forward,, hold forward (cross-up), [hit confirm], s.lp + sent ground xx FP venom fang, sents drones hit from behind > follow up of your choice.

note: So, its a pretty weak crossup and can be seen coming a mile away, but it works sometimes. The good news is that if its blocked, its safe. Also, if the crossed-up s.lks are blocked, call in sent and do a FP venom fang. This is another chance at a cross-up and again, its safe if it is blocked. The launch/blocked FP venom fang cross-up also works mid-screen.

Corner follow-ups after a FK throw

oc.FP,, delay, land,,
oc.FP,, delay, land,,, land, j. FP throw
oc.FP,, delay, land,,, land, call in sent ground, j. FP throw into assist, dash, oc.FP > whatever
oc.FP,, delay sj.fp (1 hit), land, j. FP throw
oc.FP,, delay sj.fp (1 hit), land, call in sent ground, j. FP throw into assist, dash, oc.FP > whatever
oc.FP,, delay sj.fp (1 hit), land, slight pause, FK throw, oc.FP > whatever
oc.FP,, delay sj.fp (1 hit), land, slight pause, call tron proj, FP throw into rings, oc.FP > whatever
oc.FP,, delay sj.fp (1 hit), land, slight pause, FK throw > corner mix-up
oc.FP, call in sent ground, sj.lp, pause, sj.fp into assist, hold forward, FP throw before you land
oc.FP, call in sent ground, sj.(forward) lp, pause, sj.fp into assist, land opposite side of opponent, oc.FP, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp.
oc.FP,, delay sj.fp (1 hit), land, pause, call sent ground, FP throw, assist hits, venom web,, s.lp, pause, call in sent ground, j.FP throw into assist, oc.FP > whatever.
Note: With the sj.FP. If it does 1 hit, it acts like a light attack during an active flying screen. 2 hits will cause the flying screen/keep it active.

Interesting mid-screen mix-up and other stuff

[Sentinel], xx lp RP xx HSF, fp RP xx HSF, DHC venom web (before the drones hits), Drones interrupt super [venom stops attack and drops, while opponent stays in mid air for a split second] land, call tron proj, walk under opponent (cross-up) > whatever.
FP throw, DHC (opponent blocks)?This is TK HVB safe!


philopia indeed

whats up, mixah?

New stuff I found-

Guard Break: FP web throw xx Venom web.

note: It actually works! Just do the web throw, then cancel into the venom web. Venom will realease the web when you cancel and thats what causes the GB.

End all midscreen are combos with sj.FP…
-Launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, FP-

Venom will land next to the opponent and this opens up a lot of nice mix up options such as:

-land, jump u/b xx dash xx FP = this is a nice, quick overhead.
-land, call in tron, jump xx dash over the opponent
-land, call in tron, jump xx dash over the opponent, as soon as you see the opponent face the other way XX into a lp vemom fang.

note: what happens is venom will do the venom fang in the opposite direction, so if they anticipate the jump xx dash cross, do this to keep them guessing even more.

that guard break will NOT work against cable. haha

i don’t think it’ll work also if they pushblock. not sure though

pushblock might be a problem, but the hit block isnt that long and you can hit them off screen, then VW and catch on the way in. The only problem is if you try to do the Venom throw > v.web from full screen away, because it will not hit. the venom bite super will hit though.

Btw, can someone try this for me?
with cable on point, [] + venom expansion, pause, jump forward + fp.

I tested this vs the computer on auto-guard and it looks like the bullet hits behind. I dont have anyone to test with, but Im wondering if its a bullet cross up…???

It’s been a while, but I noticed your post since I was here. I tested your set-up of:, + Venom-A,, uf j.hp

…and it appears as if the bullet is hitting the hanging knee of the AutoGuard Cable (my opp).

I chose Sent-Y as the helper to test something though to be sure. When an opponent blocks a hit, you see 2 circular impact rings: a small blue one inside and a larger light-blue one outside. When blocking, regardless of whether or not the object being blocked is behind or in front of the defender, the elliptical curve of the outer light-blue ring always points in the direction of the point character. So, even though they are blocking something behind them, it only matters that they are blocking in the direction of the point character they are facing. Has otherwise been found out?

—> indicates path of drones
x = defense
X = offense
( or ) = direction outer ring is curved towards when opp blocks drones

drones ----> x ) X
X drones —> ( x