Continuous losing streaks anyone?

Bp wise 5300 ish too 4504. I still consider myself new to Cody an like him but this is very discouraging

Haha, I know this. Cody is by far my best character I play. There are some days (like yesterday)… I didn’t feel that Cody got buffed… lost about 700 PP in less than half an hour. 2 days ago it was the other way round… I made 700 PP in less than 30 minutes :smiley: This means I am at the same spot like I was 2 days ago… who cares, only your ePeen if this is important to you! :smiley:

Problem is that many noobish und unsafe tricks work against Cody because of his lack of reversals because it is not unsafe against him xD

Keep cool, like a boss :wink:

Its just a transition phase but maybe less about what Cody has changed to what has changed with others. Keep calm and carry on.

You probably know this, but once you hit 5000BP (B rank), it becomes much harder to collect BP. You gain less, and lose more. That’s why you can basically grind it out until 5000BP, after which you gotta put in some work. Guess that’s why my B-rank cody keeps struggling at around 4000 :smiley:

Same boat sometimes. I try to focus on making sure I play well instead of trying to win. IE max punish combos, hitting my links, and not doing stupid.

I lost a bunch of games in a row when the opponent had no health left while im trying to chip them out. If I played smarter I would have easily won those.

^this^ I have done this so many times, trying to chip out with rocks when I could have just done a fake or another mixup and won. I feel so stupid when I do this.

Thanks so much on everyone’s info & input really cause I learned from what everyone’s said

Also, compulsively rushing back to look for the same guys that murdered me over and over and throwing round two, so I can have a round three doesnt help X_x.
Hard fights are by far the best X_x. even if im screaming and cursing at the time.

Limited wake up options scare me lol

I believe the community as a whole is playing against Cody a whole lot better as well. I see A WHOLE LOT more Cody’s online now and days, so its only natural that people are understanding how to fight him. Recently, people have been playing a lot more safer against me, almost turtle like. Sadly, the community is realizing Cody’s power =/

that’s what i’ve been noticing, nicely said.

Went on a bit of a losing streak yesterday. Cody’s my best character no doubt and I can usually win consistently with him, but something was off yesterday. I really like that remark on that the community as a whole may understand how to play Cody better now. I mean, I had never noticed how ABYSMAL his wake up game was until last and this week. Hopefully, I can just work on not getting knocked down so much and go from there.

I also noticed this.

Well yeah i have also had those losing streaks on ranked. Mostly against players that are better then me i kept losing to this 4000+PP Sagat player lost some pp, Normally i don’t really care much about pp even though its an element of ranked matches. After losing like 7 times against the Sagat player i have learned alot in this matches, watched the replays kinda looking back on mistakes and how cody weaknesses are in this match-up and how i can improve i even got some feedback later on from that player.Sometimes losing consistently can reward

Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. Once I started going on a five game losing streak, I realized that I wasn’t Zonking in the match up like I should have, or I my frame traps simply weren’t working anymore. Things like that. I certainly learn from the experience and see that I can’t play every match up the same way, something I honestly have a hard time remembering sometimes. Losing was how I got good in the first place and learned my frame traps properly. Of course, me stating that is sort of a no brainer, lol. You gotta lose to win.

Would be even better if he the community knows how to play against cody(lol am i really typing this).
The reason why is of course its really annoying if people play safe or turtle against cody but you gotta look it this way it wil give us the tournament experience since(correct me if i am wrong) in tournaments most of the people play alot safer and play match ups better online wich makes it kinda a bit harder for cody to get his combo’s working and getting the win so in the end we wil learn how to deal with those safe turtle guys wich cody player really need to survive or to win in tournament/online/meetings/.
The Community may know cody’s power but they keep in mind that in a blink of a second it can go wrong

You definitely learn much more playing against people who understand the matchup, otherwise you just learn how to beat people who don’t know how to play against cody. Finding the same people and practicing against them so that you both learn the matchup is the best way to really improve imo.

Good point.

For me losing as Cody is rough because he isn’t my best character, too tempted to switch into serious mode and wreck all these baddie Oni’s with my Dictator.