Contra Costa players: the DVC thread

This thread is for all the players that attend Diablo Valley College ,those in the general Contra Costa county area (Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Martinez, Pittsburg etc.), or those from elsewhere looking for comp. For some time now there has been a gathering of sorts going on in the Studen Union building rec room at DVC. Since I’m living in Concord now and have been to the rec room a couple times, I thought maybe we could start holding official meetings. There are some things to take into consideration, however.

[LIST]address is: 321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
[]the Student Union building is open from 8am-7pm, Mon thru Fri. Since it’s in the daytime, public transportation works great. I’ll post the details later for those that are interested. The building and other info can be found on the DVC website here.
]as this is a school campus, there is no drinking allowed. This is a big change from meetings I used to hold at my house, where the alcohol flowed freely. Sorry guys!!
[]There are no consoles there already, so if you’d like to play ps2 or dc, we have to organize something in advance.
]no gambling is allowed, so hold’em only for fun…[/LIST]

I’m thinking about holding the first one (the first planned and organized one that is) Dec 5th. The games that are gauranteed for this are t5, ssbm, sc3, and #r. If there are players interested out there (some from the old Cyberstation, perhaps?), post up.

Hihi…I’m a former LMC student from Pittsburg, and I can easily commute to DVC via BART/bus. Any #R players around the area? If you want to go against someone that has played with the likes of Tanaka Force and Reno Crew on several occasions, I’m your contact. :wink:

And uh…I also like to play Halo. So that’s cool with me too! ^^

A couple people play #R supposedly, but it’s not their main game. Halo is always in effect. Personally, I play Tekken and recently some cvs2.

I’m interested in playing some T5. Teach me some cvs2 while you’re at it. If AE could get in, I’d play that too. Oh and 3s.

Damn, I wanna play hella games now. I’ve been deprived of gaming ever since evo.

I’ve been bringing GGXX and now #R to the rec room every day for about a years time now and I’d be down for official meetings. I’ve played with Kugz and his buddy once, and Tanaka’s crew on two occasions, and they’re all hella fun to play with. If there’s any people out there who know how to play, come on down. And yeah, official meetings sound very nice. GG is my main game, and I’m slowly trying out 3s. Count me out of Cvs2, MVC, and T5, but we do have some other players definitely for Tekken. We normally carry the following: kof,tekken,soul,doa,ggreload,cvs2,3rd,sf: ae. I strongly advise people to bring their own systems and games, cos you never know when someone has to go home or go to class and pack their stuff up, but I’ll at least have my stuff up most of the day.


I updated the first post with address of place. For the gathering, I’m bringing a ps2 and some controllers. Unfortunetly, I’ll only be able to stay from 8am-1pm, because I wasn’t able to get off work. Anyone want to play some Super Turbo? They’ll be at least 3 players there for the game.

double post

#R is one of the main games we got goin on, theres a couple of good players(Mizerable, myself and a few others) we’ve traveled and played with Tanaka and Render before and good comp is always welcome.

I myself will play SSBM, #R, Super Turbo, 3rd Strike and Any FPS(AKA Halo) if people are gonna be down.

Alright, update. Well, as far as I know…

  1. GGXX#R: We have quite a few players for this as stated
  2. SSBM: Well, this is quite popular, and there are a few good players, and also Bob Money, who is OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  3. Not me, but several friends who play SCIII and T5. This is definitely covered.
  4. HAHA, if anyone is interested, I can put in Sonic: The fighters. Oh man…
  5. My friend can play KOF pretty well, and theres a few players who sorta get it, so yeah its there. 2002, Neowave, 98, etc.

And yeah, I’ll play super turbo, but my knowledge is pretty limited to basic SF. Not familiar with the specifics of it. I’ll be there on Mon from 8:00-5:00 with the exceptions of 10:00-11:00 and 1:00-2:00 cos of class. Bringing the PS2 and some controllers. If the controllers aren’t responsive in any way, well, everyone uses them so its good to have your own reliable one.

I’ll be at the meeting around 8-9AM on Dec 5th. I’ll also bring my PS2 and X-Box.

I haven’t touched a 2-D fighting game in quite a long time but I do play T5, SCIII, and of course Halo.

Good shit. The more the merrier. I strongly encourage anyone in the area reading this to show up.

We only have like 1 person that knows how to play kof and that’s me. I’m the only one that uses a stick, then again it is a school. guilty gear is all Mizerable. we have one good tekken player cause we only have one tekken player : D. we have a bunch of people playing smash. only 2 or 3 are good good, everyone else is random students and a dragon kid. soul 3 is always in production. there are about 4 or 5 good people. the far left of the room has anime tards playing naruto. ignore them. Mizerable always has Guilty gear Reload or 3rd Strike on. I’m the one that has stupid games on the big tv like svc chaos, virtua fighter 4 evoultion, sonic the fighters. tom and jerry war of the whiskers. etc. i’m good at any fighting game but 3d ones. you guys watch out for random people because they ask to play. random students. that is all. Mizerable is my good buddy. we play stuff together

Tom & Jerry: War of the Whiskers is a fighting game beat em up like Power Stone 2. in a nutshell. Sonic the Fighters plays like Fighting Vipers. SVC Chaos plays like bad. (for those wondering what kind of game i have been causing in that room of tards)

I should make it tommorow. I play cvs2, 3s, T5 and willing to play a little GG(I wish chipp was better). I just hope non campus students remember it’s $3 to park(thats if you can find a space). You could park at safeway across the street and walk over though.

I haven’t had to buy a DVC 1-day parking ticket in forever, but I can swear it’s $2. Some of the machines take a dollar I think, but the majority are quarters only. Sucks, doesn’t it? :frowning: Parking around the safeway area is smart.

Sorry Phillip but I’m unable to make it to this meeting. Had to take my friend to the hospital this night because she was coughing up blood and I’m worried about her.

I hope someone brings Tekken 5, because I left it in Fairfield. I’ll see you there.

I’m running a little late guys. I’ll be getting there on the bus. Sorry about that.

Good games guys. I had to drop jaguaranid (my brother) off at bart, and i had some other things I had to do. Mizerable I left my ps2-> Xbox converter over where we playing guilty gear. if you can keep it for me that would be nice.