Control Freak Blazblue/MVC2 Tournament, Dallas TX (Plano) August 5th

Im informing everyone about the Control Freak BlazBlue Tournament on August 5th in Plano. Tournament starts at 7:30pm sharp. Not 8pm not 8:30pm, we start at 7:30pm please! Try to sign in before we start or call ahead if youre going to be late so I can put you in the bracket. Its a $15 buy in. $10 goes to the pot and $5 goes to the venue fees. First place wins 60% of the pot, second 30%, and 10% goes to third. Ill have 2 screens for BB Xbox 360, two for MVC2, and one screen for SF4 free play. Bring your own controllers, but Ill have two pads and one SF4 TE stick to let some one barrow if they need to. The tournament will be held at Whirly ball in Plano TX. Whirly ball has asked us to NOT bring drinks into their building, but food is ok. They have drinks there to purchase at a reasonable price, so please respect their request.


3115 W. Parker RD

Plano, TX 75023

        I want to try something a little different and hold a MVC2 side tournament at the same time.  If people choose to, we can start a 5 dollar side pot on a single elimination tourney.  All five dollars go to the side pot.  First place prize 60%, second 30%, and third 10%.  Gives people a few more chances to win.  If this works out, great.  If it doesnt, Ill know better next time.  




1(888) EVIL RYU

Screen names

PS3- Bisquick

XBOX 360- Bissquick

Revised Entry fees

-If you bring someone to enter the tournament who wasnt in the last tournament, your enter fee is $12. The $3 comes out of the venue fee, not the pot (Im not messing with your fight money).

-Pot split will change to 70/20/10. And Ill cover the 1st place winners fee to the next tournament.

Tournament fee updates

I’ve made some updates to our tournament details. Take a look at the 3rd post on this thread for full details.…c=7&Itemid=164

I hope this will help to accommodate some price concerns.