Control Layout for Non-Joystick (PS3)


I recently started playing SF4 on my friend’s PS3, and I really liked it. As it is now, I don’t think it’s worth it to buy my own console and game, let alone an arcade stick… but I would like to improve.

The question: What button layout should I use on the PS3 controller?

Currently, I have the following layout, but I feel like I should move the light punch/kicks over to the main buttons-
X - MP
Triangle - HP
Square - MK
O - HK
R1 - LP
R2 - LK
L1 - 3xP
L2 - 3xK




Standard layout is:

[ ] = LP
/\ = MP
R1 = HP
X = LK
O = MK
R2 = HK
L1 = PPP
L2 = KKK


My biggest issue was whether the right shoulders should be HP/HK or LP/LK. As a newbie player, I didn’t use LP/LK for the most part… but I’ve started using them a lot more recently, so I guess I should move those over to the main buttons.



Whatever works for you.


It’s whatever works for you, I have mine:
R1: HK
R2: HP
Triangle: MP
Circle: MK
Square: LP

Apparently makes things quite easy from friends of mine who tried it out, but it honestly is whatever works for you, my boyfriend has his heavies and triples the opposite way around (So punches on 1s and Kicks on 2s on the shoulder buttons and on opposite sides too) and really can’t hack my setup XD.

So it’s whatever you feel comfortable with.


Having punch and kick buttons crossed like that in the face buttons sounds like a nightmare. :wtf:


Default FTW


i bet it was for a specific character