Control options for AE on the PC

Hello Shoryuken

I just got SSF4 AE on the PC. I wanted to know what were my options for controls. I plan to get a stick but I’m waiting as they are pretty damn pricey. I heard there was something for the keyboaard. Like a small stick you put the the arrow buttons. Is that real? Also,what are some places to get an arcade stick. What should I think about when looking to buy one? Any way to save money on one.

Yeah, so I asked a lot I guess. Sorry is there was a guide I missed on the forums. Thanks.

No one? Can anyone help here?

You can get any pad really, fightpads are made by madcatz and like 30 bucks. I wouldnt get a stick unless you get a good one, Madcatz TE stick, and make sure you get XBOX type for compatibility :slight_smile: