Controler converting question


Hello everyone. I just purchased this controller -

best controller on earth. Its exactly like the sega Saturn except it uses usb. It works for ps3. I was wondering if there was some way to get it to work on the xbox 360.

I purchased this -

but it didnt’ work. It says it works for ps2 and ps3 controllers but It doesn’t recognize the fight pad. Is there some other device I can try?


There are currently no confirmed reliable converters for PS3->X360 nor X360->PS3.

You have 3 choices:

  1. dual-mod it with an X360 PCB inside (very few people outside of @Gummo would be willing to do that)
  2. remove the innards, and extend the wiring to a project box containing the PCB(s) of your choice
  3. build your own converter by creating a project box with one of @undamned‌’s UD-USB PCBs piggybacked on an X360-compatible PCB


Cronusmax works realibly. I would get a USB extension though if you go that route. There is probably some lag as well.


I wouldn’t recommend the Cronus


So This Gummo person can mod it so it works on both the ps3 and xbox 360? I actually may get this done. I currently have 10 xbox controllers in my room right now (buying over the years) and something is wrong with all of them. I can fix shorts, I can open up controllers and clean them so they won’t stick and other basic stuff but in the end, wear and tear is unavoidable and the D pad becomes more unreliable or the pads rip.

However in 1995 till now, My Saturn controller is still working no matter how much I pounded on it playing street fighter hence y I got the one I did yesterday. Also, kudos to the Hori ex2 pad on street fighter. It works well. See videos of it here I made -

However, its not good for 33 or 11 directional inputs Like on DOA. Had it for 2 years?


Probably. You should check with him for a price quote.


^Thanks. I’ll throw him a message.


I’m not recommending it. I’m also not not recommending it. It has some merits and some flaws, some of which appear to have been mitigated to some degree, several of which cannot be mitigated. It does however reliably allow you to use an Xbox360 controller on a PS3 and vice versa. The guys over there also seem honestly dedicated toward broad compatibility. I don’t use mine for what’s its worth, but mostly because after trading my XBONE, I don’t really have a need for it now.


Or you can do like me and buy the Sega Playstation Pad from ebay, they’re NOT cheap though.


Cronusmax seems legit. I know its not tournament legal (yet, they are working on a model with firmware that blocks macros) HOWEVER, in a pinch it seems like it could do what u need. Bare in mind tho, its the price of a whole new controller and the clones are abound on ebay.

EDIT: My recommendation is a hard mod if you ever plan to play a competitive game until(if) the tournament-friendly cronus is released.


Unless the Tournament legal version of the Cronus looks physically different than the regular versions I wouldn’t expect them being allowed at tournaments.
If its up to me I would do a blanket ban on all Cronus products - end of story, end of conversation.



Yes, theirs a DOA tourney end of Aug and hoping to enter. I got this controller since its for ps3 which is what they will be using at the tourney but unfortunately I don’t have a ps3 myself. I have the xbox version of the game so was hoping to use the converter to get a little practice while using the controller but it may not happen. I may just use a standard ps3 controller >.<

It may be fine though. How is the D pad on the ps3? Are 11 Circle / 33 circle easy to do? Its mostly those diagonals I need working.


Damn no kidding… this was the cheapest one I found.


You could also build one of these, or have me build one for you. Then you can use PSX/PS2 to PS3 converters or PSX/PS2 to 360 converters along with your original Saturn controller/s. I planned on ordering parts this week to build a couple.


I have the Cronusmax. Its great if you have the controllers listed on the compatibility list. However, It currently does NOT work with generic PC USB controllers such as the genuine Saturn USB pad, which is what the OP has. I have 3 of those pads myself and requested to add support for it on the cronusmax forums last december, but it has yet to happen.