Controling Space

What’s the most effective way to control space with Yun? And how do you effectively do this against shoto players who spam FBs and try to do cross-ups constantly?

This is in response to this article:

I’m not sure exactly.

My feeling on this is that the space Yun controls depends on who he is playing. First, if you have GJ, all space is yours. All of it! If you are playing against Ken or Chun, they’ll have quite a few pokes that beat you. A lot of the space is really theirs, and you’re just challenging it with good use of divekicks.

Here are your dive kick tools as I see them:

  1. Your dive kicks allow you to challenge their poke range
  2. You can divekick in front of their poke range and get them to wiff
  3. You can dive kick right in front of them and either throw, attack low (e.g. short short lunge), or jab short strong into upkicks or lunge if it hits.
  4. A shallow hitting dive kick right at the knees that can be combo off of.
  5. Close range dive kicks. This is basically when you are right in their face and they want to use ground attack while you dive kick them in the face
  6. Close crossup dive kick. Jump over your opponent then press diaganol towards them. You will jump over them then dive kick depending on your kick. If you use short, it will look like you’re going to cross them up but you won’t.

What you are doing isn’t so much as “controling” the space as challenging it. You can also get shoryuken happy shotos to think twice with good use of divekicks. You can even just jump in +parry a shoryuken to keep them guessing or super jump + short dive kick, etc.

I’m sure there are people can answer this question better than me, so lets hear from them.

Hmm maybe I can help you more if you let me know more specifically on what situations.

[note: I’m a decent player at best, some of these choices might not be as good as I say they are.]

**Shotos who spam hadou’s - **

  • First of all, they shouldn’t even be doing this to Yun since he is very fast.
  • Parry, block.
  • Jump up, Lk/Mk dive kick right over it.
  • Jump towards them and dive kick, but be careful on this one, if it’s at the end of the hadou, use lighter versions so you land right in front of them, and usually they’ll try to SRK you out of it, so sit tight and ready to tech throw or punish.
  • But if you already jumped at the beginning of their hadou, you can make it hit [make sure it hits below waist] or land right in front of them and do your most damaging combo possible.
  • If you’re psychic and know before hand, MP [or EX if you feel like it for some weird reason] shoulder under the hadou, but this is rather risky, only do it if you feel like it.
  • Overall FB spamming should not even be a problem to Yun, if you constantly jump over them/whatever, he should know to stop.

**Shotos who cross you up - **

  • Just block or parry. I would recommend blocking.
  • But if you have a sucessful parry, do a Lp or Mp to reset them, or Mk > Zeshou.
  • Foward + fierce, it’s pretty useful, but they might know after your first or second time, so beware.
  • Or just jump up and attack them as AA, jumping fierce/roundhouse/air chain.
  • You can also do a dash punch out of it before they land the crossup on you, but not really recommended.
  • Activate Genei Jin.

That’s all I can think of for now, find which ones work for you, post up other problems if you have any. I’ll try my best to help.

Edit: Lol sorry now I read your post again it seems like what I answered were just counters and not exactly controlling space, arghhhhh.