Controller adapter?


I need to be able to play on a 360 pad on PS3 for EVO. What’s the best adapter? I was pretty sure it was gonna be on 360 so now I just double checked and I’m shitting bricks. Halp.


Pretty sure all of them have some kind of inputlag/drops inputs.

I think the Mad Catz MLG Pro-Circuit has changable d-pad and stick with both ps3 and xbox-style d-pad. Its rather expensive for a pad, though.

And the Mad Catz fightpads d-pad reminds me of a xbox style d-pad. Probably the cheapest alternative.


There is none.

Also Evo was never played on the Xbox 360 and never will.

Learn to use a normal pad like everyone else or look for some of those goofy PS3 pads with the retarded Xbox 360 layout.
Best choice for this is the Mad Catz MLG Pro pad.


Umm… this… I guess?