Controller advice wanted!

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to SF4 but have been a Street Fighter fan since SF2: World Warrior on SNES. I have SF4 for the Xbox and want to know the best controller option.

After experiencing countless difficulties inputting combos with the 360 d-pad and joystick, I want to buy something that doesn’t suck. I am hesitant to go out and grab the Mad Catz Fightpad or Fightstick because of some of the reviews I’ve read. Seems to me they are cheap poor quality SF4 paraphernalia and won’t be much better than the 360 controllers I’m currently dealing with.

It’s obviously a matter of personal preference to a degree but what are the best options for controllers for Street Fighter or any other fighter for that matter? And when I say best options, I mean best in terms of something that makes inputting the combos easiest. Thanks for your help!

You could get an SE/TE madcatz stick and swap out the buttons and joystick (vendors should be opening their doors in the coming days). It would be on par with some of the customs around.

I wouldn’t recommend the fightpad.

For the SE I could understand switching out the buttons for performance purposes but the TE already has Sanwa in it so any replacement is purely aesthetic. Well there is one thing I can think of that you may replace in the TE, the square gate. But even then that is preference.

I keep hearing the buttons have issues after a little while for some reason (sticking and such).

if you want to go for the best price/quality option, get an Hori EX2

you’re gonna have to look around very hard to find it at the right price. don’t pay 100$ for it. It’s very hard to find right now, but if you’re patient, you’ll be able to get it at around 60-70$

I know some of the people here will be all like “ZOMG ex2 is teh suckage!” but trust me, it’s a great stick to start out with. In any case, you could always modify it with sanwa parts if you want to later on.

in my opinion, you shouldn’t play with anything other than a madcatz TE stick or a Hori HRAP EX (preferably modded with sanwa or seimitsu buttons). luckily the TE sticks are not hard to find now. check out this thread: