Controller Alternatives?

Sooo Imma start by saying something not too popular, but I hate the GC controller. In short it’s ergonomically not for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be forced to use a Wii-mote or give up a C-stick. Currently I play casual (items yo) and haven’t purchased a Wii-U yet, but I’m planning on it for the new game…and maybe a leap to competitive play (might as well if it’s being played alongside everything else). My question is simply, what are my alternative options that have competitive success that I should consider? I’ve played pad for 3D games and stick/hitbox for 2D/3D so I’m open to options.

My main issue with the GC controller is simply that it is not friendly to larger hands, that Z button is really hard to get at next to the wall of an R button, the dpad/analogs are very tiny and hard to be accurate with for me…and I’ve never been a fan of the L/R squishiness. I realize for many these are non-issue…but for me it’s very uncomfortable. Currently I’ve been looking at the Wii-U pro classic. How well do these perform? Is there anything I should be aware of? I remember trying the Wii pro classic and I quickly reverted to a wii-mote/nunchuck instead.

If you had your choice of any controller, which would it be?