Controller Art


You know the Street Fighter Anniversary Controllers with Ryu, Ken, Akuma & Bison for the PS2…Why can’t there be like a Ken like PS2 Saturn, Put color on the controller Red/Yellow & put a Pic with Ken on it…


because that would be stupid.


Thanks for the imput

But why it Sucks on a Controller then a Joystick


lol at the new ideas at this forum…


I dont want to be picky or bitch about things, but was that it? Or did you edit something usefull out and i missed it?

Translates to…

And this one…

Translates to…


If its a question about our opinion link us up with some pics of said controller art and ill be happy to share my 2 cents worth.


yeah I really had a hard time understanding what was being said here.


Ok, I have a hard time wording stuff…I can’t help it


You need to edumacate yourself.


Oh, I thought the second post was