Controller Cases from Purple Space Monkey


Greetings all!

I have recently completed the first 50 of 100 planned controller cases that I hope to sell to fellow gamers in order to help pay for my school tuition.

My story:
I am a mechanical engineering student at the University of Toronto and like a lot of people I had a very difficult time finding steady employment this summer. So, rather than sitting on my thumbs waiting for someone to hand me a job I decided to create my own employment.

Each case is made from high quality poplar with beautiful box cut corners rounded over and sanded to a fine finish. The dimensions are approximately 27 X 19.5 x 7 cm with six holes cut for 30mm screw-in buttons and three 24mm buttons on the side. The top is clear acrylic. This case accommodates both Sanwa JLF-P1 and S mounting plates. I could go on but Ill let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

I am selling each case for $79.95 US plus shipping. Unlike what you normally find on ebay I will do my best to charge the actual shipping charges instead of some ridiculously inflated sum. I plan on using and/or for shipping. For current pricing for a single case you can visit either site and enter the details to mail a package with length 30 cm, width 21 cm, height 13 cm and weight 3 Ibs from Toronto, Canada (postal M2N4K8) to your location. Note that the prices given are in Canadian funds.

All payments must be made through paypal. The email tied to my paypal account is Please send any inquiries to this address as well.
If you are interested in purchasing a box (or boxes) please send me an email. Once I reply with the shipping costs you will have 48 hours to make your payment. If no payment is made, I will offer the boxes to the next person on the list. I will only be selling 50 boxes at this time, but I hope to have the rest finished shortly. I will post on this thread when all 50 have been spoken for, so if you do not receive an email reply from me in the timely fashion please check back here first for any updates.



Note to Admin: I am aware that I have technically not been a member at Shoryuken for the required six months before selling, however, since the contact us option has been disabled and my inquires to various mods have thus far gone unanswered I am going to assume that if I had been able to reach you permission would have been granted for my thread. If I am mistaken, please lock this thread and I will sell my cases elsewhere.


These are pretty but they’re going to have to go to eBay. You’ve still got a few months before you’re eligible to sell. Rules are rules. Best of luck.