Controller choice


Hi there, I have been a long time fan of fighting games, but first time getting serious about getting better. I want to move to a fight stick but need help. I grew up on pc games, and have been quite competitive in mobas. I’m used to having my left hand hit buttons and my right hand do complex pattern movement with the mouse. Would it be worth trying to find a left hand fight stick if this is my background, or if I’m right handed should I go for a right hand fight stick?


I’m sure every player that uses stick also uses their left hand to hit buttons and their right hand to do complex pattern movement with the mouse

Get a regular stick

Even left handed/right handed players use the stick on the left


I know that every player I watched uses the regular stick. When I was thinking about it though it made sense to use a set up that mirrored how I use a computer, but I kept feeling like I must be missing something because everyone uses the stick on the left.


It’s not the same comparison
They all use a computer the same way you do


Ok, I guess I should ask a lower level question, is there a reasoning behind buttons on the right and stick on the left?


a lower level question


Look, I appreciate spending your time to answer my questions. If you don’t understand the question I can try to clarify, but I’m starting to get the feeling your just making fun of how I phrase things.


Do you play with a right handed game pad? I imagine so there is no reason it has to be the way. Do it however you’re most comfortable.

Some left handed guitarists flip their strings, some don’t.


If you grew up on PC games then you have to be used to WASD movement in some games (I know MOBAs are different in this regard). I wouldn’t put much thought into any altered stick layout unless you’re left-handed.


Just use a Hitbox.


In today’s day and age with games being more made for consoles than arcades, there are fewer advantages to playing on a stick. It’s one thing if you grew up playing games in an actual arcade or are just interested in trying it out, but it isn’t necessary to have an arcade stick to be competitive.

I assure you that there are “complicated movements” done with both hands, and not just with the one that controls the character’s movement. There is going to be an adjustment period when you transition to a stick for the first time, and it’s going to be months before you feel competent with it.

As for why the joystick is located on the left side? It’s because it’s always been that way. Most arcade sticks aim to replicate the arcade experience.


Ok, thanks guys for the responses. They help a lot. 2 things made me look into the fight stick. #1 I have a Xbox controller and play on pc, but looks like most tournaments run the ps3 version. #2 hitting the heavy punch into heavy kick tatsu and hitting both heavy buttons on the controller was getting frustrating.


Well if you really want, you could just flip the fightstick the other way around, change the movements and buttons back in the right order. If having the buttons laid out a bit weird doesn’t bother you.


xbox controllers are the worst for fighting games
the absolute worst
I personally think ps4 controllers are the best pad controllers for this game and i use it for PC
Test out a stick before you commit $100+ because it isn’t for everyone

I think evo will no longer allow ps4 pads from now on though


Yah, I’m visiting some friends next month and they have both versions of sticks so I can try both out


Don’t know why my G but I think you’ll be nice on a hitbox


This is just a myth. Controllers are 100% prefrence. I have seen tons of good players do well with Xbox controllers.


Yeah as others have said, you should really look into a hitbox. I wish I’d started on that.