Controller for SF4 PC problems

I borrowed my friends new controller: Gamepad 8116

All buttons work in SF4, BUT NOT LT and RT

what is the error? I cant fix it, help please

Busted controller or bad drivers or SF4’s fault

Do those buttons work when you test them using the windows…test thing? If not, download new drivers. If they still don’t work, controller’s broken. If they do, it’s SF4.

What he said. If you really want to use a controller, just go into GameStop and pick up one of their own controllers. Aside from the Back and Start buttons, it’s identical to a Microsoft controller, including the drivers and internal parts.

its sf4 fault :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Kind of a semi-fix: set the triggers to key presses using Joy2Key or try using PPJoy (through some convoluted process) to create a virtual joystick that all your buttons and triggers use as a medium for button input.

Could be much worse.

Not exactly. Gamestop pads are much easier for arcade sticks than MS pads. It will work perfectly 100% of the time though, although the triggers and D-Pad are terrible on it. At least with the MS 360 pad, I can handle the D-Pad pretty well.

Can you help me configure joy2key? i cant figure it out

btw if any1 wonder, i installed drivers and LT and RT do work when I test it, they just dont work in SF4

Your triggers are labeled as something, check joy.cpl (Game Controllers, in Control Panel) and see what they are. Then just open jtk and set them to a key by double-clicking the item. It’s really self-explanatory.

Try mapping your buttons with a program like XPadder.

I’m having problems playing sf4 with other people in offline matches. I have a ps3 te stick and my friend has and HRAP 2 with an inpin converter. At first the hrap didn’t pick up so we stop sf4 and went into the controller settings on startup. When we would set his buttons, my TE button configuration would be messed up. We kept going back and forth between button configs and in the end, we couldn’t play cause the configuration was always messed up. Any help? Anyone else have a problem like this?