Controller for xbox live arcade games?


Hello guys my name is mike and I’m new to the forums. I’ve new about this site but rarely visited.

Anyway after lurking the past two weeks I found that you guys know what ur talking about when it comes to controllers. I need a controller very badly for Xbox live arcade games. I can’t deal with the crappy d pad any more. I’ve narrowed it down to a few different choices.

  1. Madcatz SF fight pad- seems just OK from what I’ve read. Look like Saturn controller a little bit but the dpad doesn’t look that great. This would be second cheapest option at $40 I think.

  2. Pdp fight pad- once again just seems OK from what I’ve read. Saw some YouTube vids of comparisons and some people preferred the MC and some liked the PDP. I would much rather use a dpad than the pdp’s analog stick though. This would be my cheapest option at around $20.

  3. Ps2 USB Sega Saturn controller- this seems to be the best option BUT, I can not find ANY of these controllers on ebay or anywhere else. I know about the knock off ss controllers on eBay like the retro link. The SLS version is the one I’m looking for.

  4. XCM cross battle adapter- seems like a great product and seems to be no lag from what I’ve read. I would hav no problem using a ps3 controller for xbox since I love the dpad on PlayStation controller

These seem to the best option for an alternate controller. What are your guys opinions on these products? I’m open to any other controllers. I’m just looking for my best option. If anyone knows a place I can get the ps2 Saturn controller let me know.

Any help is appreciated.



If you are okay with Playstation pads, the best option would be to grab an xtokki ps2 to xbox360 converter from etokki ( . The store is located in Korea, so you are in for a little wait, but the converter is excellent quality, features headset port, guide button, and it’s lagless. Even if you are still looking to get a PS2 Saturn pad, you would still need a converter for it. A usb saturn controller wouldn’t be compatible with the 360 unfortunately.

As far as your first two options go, the MC and PDP have varied results of durability. Some people are still using the one they bought day one, but I’ve had two MC pads where the D pad wore out just from casual play and extreme care in a month’s time. You would be in good shape with the Ps2 pad.


Thanks for the quick reply. I knew about the converter for the ss controller, just didn’t mention it cuz I figured it was an easy find.

This sounds good. Just curious, does the adapter match the360 controller button for button? Meaning if I used it for say cod, the R2/L2 would be the shooting buttons and not the R1/L1 like playing cod on DS3 on ps3. Not that I’m gunna use it for shooters, just curious.

One cool thing about the XCM is the ability to remap any button. It expensive are around $100 though and I’m guessing the etokki is much cheaper. Thanks for the help.

More opinions would be great!


Also, is there an adapter for Saturn USB controllers? Thanks


It does match the mapping. I only ever tried it on Gears of War 3 for a brief moment, and it felt weird for pulling the tripper buttons. Like it lacked the sensitivity of the 360 controller. Works great for xbox live and fighters though. The only way for you to use a Sega Saturn controller would be to use the PS2 model of it with the xtokki converter, or make/have a modder make a converter for it.


OK sounds good. Thanks for the help.