Controller Freezing

I don’t know if you all ever experience the same thing, but I am SOOO FKING!! SICK!!! AND TIRED!!! of these intermittent input freezes where I just stand there getting punished for about 4 seconds before my controller decides to be “reconnected” and then I can start playing again.


Dude. just change your batteries.

did you try blowing in the cartridge?

got a new controller. Slammed the last one down into dozens of pieces. The new one was fully charged. Still does it. I have game rage. you know.

Dude, you coulda just put new batteries in.

Sounds like you’re playing MvC3. Only 4 seconds though?

If you’re using regular PS3 pads hooked with an USB cable to the system, moving the cord around might cause the controller to be disconnected, I’ve had this happen to me several times. Most likely just shitty cables