Controller help



I’m probably one of few that actually use a controller cuz I haven’t got a stick yet for ps4 but for some reason when I crush counter with hk then do b.hpxx scissor for VT setup instead of scissor blast comes out no matter what kick button I use for scissors and is really frustrating. Can anyone test this with controller or is there any advanced controller settings I need to change? Help is greatly appreciated.


Go to training mode, turn the input display on and look at what you are doing. I play with a controller some times and I never had this issue.


It comes up as a kick input. If i knew how to record and post it I would


Its just with that combo its weird. If I hkxxscissors it works fine


Is this a negative edge thing? I haven’t even noticed if there i negative edge input in SFV but you might be releasing the heavy punch button while pressing forward, effectively canceling your s.HP into blast. I’m not sure about this I can’t verify right now but do check it out. Try releasing the HP button faster or simply keep it pushed down while inputing your SK and release only after the SK animation started.


It seems negative edge wad the culprit thanks. It was weird cuz a regular cancel I had no problem but with the cc it came out messed up. They need a negative edge off feature like mkx