Controller issue

I’ve been playing Super Street Fighter 4 in my thumb freaking hurts because I have a horrible controller that I use for my PC. I use the D Pad but the D pad is too rough, and the analog stick just feel awkward. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for an arcade stick, are there any suggestions from you guys?

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The “What stick/controller thread” has reviews for all the major pads out there.

slowly learn the analog stick. it will take a month or two but once you get it down there is no going back. that what I use now.

get a 360 compatible pad.

I would personally strongly advise against that. Analogs don’t offer precise control for digital inputs. At all.

Care to explain? because I play on Analogue and its bliss

I don’t know what else to say besides comparing digital vs analog is basically this: on and off vs off and a whole lot of varieties of on. Most of us would rather quit fighting games that deal with the pain that is playing them on analog. The only reason people even muck about with them is that the digital pads on Xbox 360 and PS3 pads are pretty garbage too.

I’d personally recommend something that’s actually good for 2D fighting games instead of something made for other kinds of games.

Its up to the poster what he does. If he cannot use the analog thats fine, we are talking about his fingers not cramping and not about on off onoff. as for me I rarely feel cramps with analog but I feel sore using direction buttions for fighters.

Although that’s true, I try to make to clear to posters when other posters give advice that generally isn’t accepted by the community.

If the OP tries using analog and likes it, then great! I just wouldn’t recommend that for a variety of reasons.