Controller modding in 1993

SamSho 3DO book from 1993

I was looking through some things this morning and came across this which I thought was pretty cool. It’s a page from the actual Samurai Shodown instruction manual for the 3DO and it shows you how to modify your controller for better performance. Seeing a company telling you how to mod a controller (even this slightly) was something I never thought I would see in a game’s book, especially in 1993. Forget about nice Sanwa sticks, it was all about the folded pieces of paper 17 years ago.

Sorry if the quality isn’t the best, this was taken with my cell phone camera as I have not owned a scanner in nearly 10 years.



They would drop some lawsuits on game makers if they were putting stuff like this in their manuals these days.

Samurai Showdown for the 3DO? shudders

Figured that if the book said to try it then what the hell. Went on and unscrewed slightly the casing of one of my 3DO pads and stuck in a folded up piece of heavy construction paper above the d-pad and it actually worked. Strange seeing it in appearance but it really did make the controller feel much better for both SamSho and Road Rash.