Controller or arcade stick option on sf

i play sf on the arcade stick, on controller type i select arcade stick but i see tournament players choose controller instead under the button configuration settings.

does it make a difference on selecting arcade stick or controller?

It all depends which stick you use. If you have a TE you choose Controller-A. If you are playing Marvel on a TE, you choose Layout B. For Hori Sticks I believe it is Arcade Stick-A for SF4. I have no clue what it is for Marvel.

No. As long as your buttons are configured correctly, you’re fine.

ive never really checked what difference it makes. i always leave my setting on arcade stick because i play with a fight stick. the only time there is an error in my execution it is my own mistake and not because of this setting.

Why do they offer the 2 different options “controller” or “arcade stick” if it makes no difference?

For the rest of the button fig presets, they are different. They’re made in mind with different types of controllers and fight sticks, all of which come with a large variety of configurations for certain people. I’m not sure why they have two different ones for Controller-A and Arcade Stick-A. I guess so people who own a standard controller don’t get confused by having to use Arcade Stick-A, and vice versa for Mad Catz/Qanba stick owners.

i just want to know if there is a difference, for some reason on controller, my buttons werent inputing as well as the arcade stick settings, i use a te stick

They are just button mapping presets.

i c.

basically lethalblazek… your execution problems with it set on arcade stick is a placebo. arcade stick and controller setting, neither will effect your execution.