Controller problems

Right now I only own a dpad and I’m waiting on the (ridiculously long) wait list for a hit box. Is ssf4ae even a game I can play on dpad, or should I just wait for my hitbox before grinding the game? I’ve been trying to dpad it, and i have a horrible time performing even the most basic combos. I play mk9 at a competitive level, and I know my hands are more than capable of moving fast enough, but the dpad is inaccurate enough as it is. Should I just wait for my stick?

It’s very well possible to play on a D-Pad, Wolfkrone is a perfect example of a (D-)pad player that is doing just fine. There are a few others that also do fantastic.

Some characters are easier than others on pad though, I found charge characters to be the most problematic when I played on pad.

Either or neither. Please check out the IV board rules. Thanks!