Controller question

I have always played with the standard xbox controller sf 4. Are there possibilities for sf 5 that are similar?

Thanks in advance !

We need more info. I use my 360 stick on PC without problems.
I assume you really don’t mean the “standard xbox” controller?

Oh sorry, I’ve played sf 4 with the regular 360 controller for years and I want to play sf 5 on ps4. I’ve tried the regular ps 4 controller but I think it will take a long time to get used to it.

Brook 360 to ps4 converter, or play on pc.

agreed. just get a converter and you can use your 360 pad on the ps4

Hori Pad FPS Plus might be the way to go for you then :open_mouth:

And probably better d-pads than the awful excuses the MS Xbox 360 pad has.
What I am talking about, anything is better than the Xbox 360 d-pad, even MS agrees the design is awful.

Even the Xbox 1 (NOT XBONE) Duke pad (pictured above) was better than the 360 pad.
BTW you can mod the 360 pad to make it much better and to perform like it SHOULD perform (mine is modded).
Just put a cardboard business card thick circle cutout inside it. And HELLO, DPAD.

Thx for your advices. gives a converter extra lag?

I hate when people ask that question, it is such a loaded question.

Like asking a Super Market employee where are the Fruit Cakes at?
Do you mean the food, or the crazy out of their minds shoppers or the disgruntled employees ?

Scientifically all converters adds latency (as you call it lag) to your controllers.

Now the Brook converters, from what I seen and tried and played with, has very minimal latency.
Maybe a few milliseconds, not enough to notice or effect game play.

That said, you never want to stack converters together, each device on the chain will add it’s own latency, sometimes exponentially/factorily.

/\ Look at this abomination that I found!!!

Are there high level players who use the brook converter in tournaments?