Controller Questions

In a tournament what are the legal ways to map your buttons (ie mapping focus to one button)? I notice when I watch the high level play they get their focuses out very fast and generally have great execution (I dont think they map b/c arcade play, but I’ve been wrong before). I use a stick, but had to take two buttons out so my fingers didn’t confused. Why don’t the pros do that? Do they map to the extra buttons or is it something that probably just doesn’t bother them? Thanks for all answers to any of the above three questions.

It varies on tournament, but in general you can map your buttons however you want nowadays.

The extra buttons don’t bother me even though I don’t use them.

you can map a 3P or a 3K, but not focus/throw.

You can map focus/throw just fine at most tournament, including Evo. As long as its allowed in the config screen its legal. Just nobody does, because 3P and 3K is more useful in not messing up ultras.