Controller questions


Hey friends, I think like many who come to this specific section, I am very VERY green in SFV.

I started playing it and am sticking to Ryu, as it is supposedly a good learning character.

I have my eye on Cammy as well because it seems very fast paced, but I don’t think I have the proper execution to do it well. (not that I am doing that well on Ryu either.)

I am trying to train inputs to make them more consistent, as well as links and cancels so as not to be button mashing my links/cancels.

However, I do have a question on time/effort: Using a controller, is it more effective to use analog inputs or directional ones?
I know this may be more of a preference issue, but I wanted to hear opinions of more experienced players to try and focus on one.


D-Pad is definitely the norm. Likewise, fightsticks, fightpads and and hit boxes all favor digital inputs.

Smash community is the only one I can think of that has an analogue majority, digital starting to creep in there too with Smash box and the like.


is mostly personal preference I believe, in the past I would have said d-pad for sure, but when I see professional pad palyers I see a lot of analog use, SMUG comes to mind, he;s using analog and he’s on a charge character which you think would favor d-pad