Controller Recomendations?

So, can anyone direct me into where to get a good pad for the PC… I mean, I’d love to have one of those USB adapters for like PS2, but, I’m not big on internet shopping… Could I possibly find a smart joy somewhere else? Or if not, any other suggestions??


You don’t need to buy online. You can buy a PSX to USB converter from Radio Shack. That way, you can use any PSX joypad you want and even use arcade sticks!

Any idea how much the adapter costs?

$10.99, I’m not sure about how good it is since I haven’t used it myself.

If you can’t get that, an alternative would be to get this gamepad which has a 8-way D-pad like the saturn controller:

I’ve seen this controller sold in best buy and various other PC stores.

I have the non-force feedback version of that controller - I don’t really like it for fighting games. Something just seems off about it.

I prefer the super joybox to the radio shack coverter special. All your favorite importers will have the super joy box in stock. My favorite is

You can get 2 player or 4 player converters. The software is awesome, and can even emulate full analog control for when your playing something other than fighters.

I work at Radioshack and let me tell you their converter SUCKS!! It lags on anything that isnt an official PS2 controller