Controller rules

In official Street Fighter Third Strike tournament, if I choose to use a controller, am I allow to switch L1 to punchx3 and L2 to kickx3?

I remember when I went to the tournament at anime expo, they let people do that.

Thanks a bunch in advance:wgrin:


I believe you’re allowed to do so in most console tournaments.

get a stick if you feel you need to do that

Seriously, p/k x3 shit’s so much easier on a stick.

You don’t even need to hit 3xP/K on a stick. You only need to hit 2 buttons for like 99.9 percent of the moves in the game. The only move I can think of where you MUST hit 3 buttons is Akuma’s MAX level ground wave super (dx3+ all 3 punches).

Yet…if you go to Evo there are no real rules against mapping buttons. You could definnitely bring your PS2 pad and map Px3 and Kx3 without any problems.

I would say about 1/4 the tourneys I look at say no mapping 3x’s kick/punches for controller, what I would do is ask every single person you play so they dont get mad about it afterwards if u beat em or something. I use a controller too and map on 3x’s kick/punch, but I am now thinking of trying to go without it cause some people get a little mad about it. But in my opinion its perfectly fair.

What the fuck good is mapping 3k or 3p in 3s? This isn’t Street Fighter Alpha 2.

EX Moves.

I use to go to tournies before PS2 had any so we played on DC… we dealt with it and learnt how to use our controller. That would be like someone with an 8 button mas stick mapping roll to one button in CvS2 for easier roll cancelling.

If you have to ask if its allowed then I think you already know its shady. If I were running a tournament I wouldn’t allow that crap.

I can only ever one person who was any damn good who actually mapped their buttons differently than the default.

(and you might as well wear your training bra if you do map buttons, because it likely means you’re a 14 year-old pre-pubescent girl)

its really pointless, your gonna lose probably lol.

I think you don’t need to hit 3P for KKZ even. 2P works fine, if I remember correctly.

The best kind

I don’t care whether my opponent needs to map buttons, if they’re on a pad they’re doomed anyways.

You’ll say that and then go to Evo and be amazed at how good some of the pad players are out there. There’s a ton of pad scrubs but there are a few pieces of gold in the dirt that can do stuff on the pad that would make you go WTF. The first person I go beat by at Evo in 3S was a pad user. He had tape on the analog sticks to keep from hitting them accidentally and had all his fingers on it like an arcade stick. There’s some hardcore pad users out there.

There always are good pad players, but the possibilities with the pad are simply limited. It also largely depends on what character they play though, a Deshiken style Ken is simply impossible on a pad due to the lack of drumming. While characters like Hugo are perfectly playable.


Exactly true, nicely put. And also not allowing 3 buttons into one limits a pad player IF they are playing with the default. And even if you change it so you can EX easier on a pad, its definitely not as easy to press them at the same time than if you were to use a stick.
I would like to see more people allowing that kind of mapping.