Controller tips?

So I recently bought SSFIV and got a bit used to it. My mom is not keen on getting any extra sticks or controllers, so I’m stuck with the standard controller. Are there any tips for using the controller from seasoned players since I do have some trouble trying to execute moves properly.

P.S: My main is Cammy
P.P.S: Do people come on Xbox Live nowadays? I tried to find a match with no success

Just keep practicing your execution.

If you only bought SSF4, then you can only play with people who have SSF4 or set their match setup to all versions. You’re probably going to have to buy AE(15$ DLC).

Read all the stickies in the newbie and SF4 forums, especially the ones about execution. Other than that, practice, practice, practice. There’s no shortcut for constant practice and repetition.

And everyone’s playing AE, so you’re on an outdated game, and very few people are playing it. You’ll have to upgrade to AE.

Like they always say, practice is the key to success. Thank you everybody!
Now the only other problem I have is to convince my mom to get AE after I bought SSFIV… Will be hard and almost impossible, pray for me! :slight_smile: