Controller to Fight stick transition

hello, ive been playing streetfighter and sf like games on consoles for years, im a controller/ d-pad player exclusively aside from a few trips to the arcade. im getting an arcadestick for christmas. i was wondering if there is a guide for ssf4 to help the transition from controller to fight stick, or just a good guide to fightstick that could help me. thanks.

There are guides, but they all boil down to “just go with a comfortable grip and practice a lot”. There’s also some button techniques like plinking and pianoing that are much easier on stick, but the most important part is just making sure you get comfortable with the stick and can execute properly. Then you can move on to other things.

I bought a brand new TE last night after playing on a 360 controller for 6 months. I gotta say it was the best decision ever. Sure I suck a lot, but its just so much fun :stuck_out_tongue: Last night I couldn’t even do a shoryken, now I can do them like 80/100 times :slight_smile: Just go into training and mess around with your favorite character.


Here’s a video demonstrating a few different grip styles for balltop joysticks. There’s no real right/wrong way. Just practice and do what’s comfortable.

I switched to a stick just recently and it’s basically about finding whatever’s comfortable for you rather instinctively while being able to execute all the directions as fast as you need.
On a sidenote I’d like to know if someone has the same problem as me with executing special moves in both directions. It’s quite easy for me to throw a hadouken while facing right but if I’m facing left it gets more difficult for me, dunno why.

read the stickies


Try having your fingers do more of the motion then your wrist does?!?

sweet thanks for the help/links. good to have resources when learning something new.

Just practice.

I got an arcade stick a week ago more or less, i’ve been practicing these days, despite i still suck with it, i’ve realized that i’m getting better, Super Street Fighter II Turbo is my favorite SF a very strict SF game, i guess your game is SSFIV like almost everybody around this newbie forum, so, you’ll get used to it faster than i’m doing with ST.

Actually Arcade Arcade Stick has a big learning curve, once you’re used to it, you won’t comeback to pad, it’s frustrating the first days and even the very first week, you only need patience and the most important thing, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE!

Practice and don’t give in immediately if your execution sucks at 1st. It usually takes between 3-6 weeks give or take to transfer your skill level when changing from pad to stick. Took me 5 weeks but if you’re crazy dedicated, you could do it faster. I’ve had stupid issues like dashing to the left bothering me at 1st but now it’s like not even an issue anymore.

Also, give yourself a little break regularly or you’ll just end up wanting the throw your stick out the window. Too much practice can make you worse sometimes.

lol. the trick to transitioning is to resist jamming that stick as hard as you can to all corners, and slamming the buttons. this will break the stick. controllers are more resistant to pounding. also, when controlling those wild hand movements, try to imagine the movements as you do them, slowly and deliberately at first to get the motions down, so that later you can do them with ease rather than banging out the moves and ultimately breaking your stick. i use a sick kung fu death grip thing, kinda scares scrubs away. but ultimately it’s kinda the same (dont set me on fire), now with more stick. the nice thing about using the stick is that you can REALLY exaggerate some of those moves, for awesome demoralization action, if your next to that person. i had a fight once at an arcade in texas, and i managed to own the machine (cvs2) using mostly rolls and grabs with sakura (no forward or jump :-/ ), and every time i would grab the guy i was playing i would go one handed and mash the buttons. he was crying in his beer, lol. totally unnessicary, but made totally boss by arcade stick power!

@edogggy, did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Just grab it and start wiggling it around till something happens”

get a comfortable grip, practice, practice more, then practice some more. after playing on a stick within 2 days i would never got back to a pad its made a world of difference.

Any tips to prevent being thrown I am using the madcatz TE arcade edition stick I took the 3k and 3p off the game so I play like in the arcades and for some reason ever since I made the switch I lack defense Iget beat by throws alot and random defensive errors any tips? to prevent being thrown and how to properly crouch tech

my first acrade stick was for mvc1 after that i never went back to d=pads trust me :slight_smile: