Controller to stick

I’ve been playing capcom fighting games for years, and now I’m ready to buy a stick. I have around $200 to spend on one. Since I’m new to buying arcade sticks, I need some advice on…

1.) Whether or not to buy a mas systems stick w/ p360 support for $150, or buy a cheaper stick and mod it?

2.) If a p360 os better than a competition stick?

3.) If there’s a brand better than MAS Systems?

Unless you’re planning to get into serious tournament play in the near future, buying a really expensive stick is probably overkill. That said, since you have the money to spend, you might as well just buy something nice and save yourself the bother of modding. Unless your a hard-core soldering iron junkie, it really isn’t worth the hassle - especially if you screw it up.

Hey khalill, Your in chicago?

Are you going to Acen? I’m going to have a table at the artist alley showcasing my custom joysticks and selling a few.

If your looking in the market for a custom joystick, I suggest proding around the trade forums for some people like myself who make them, but if not I would suggest a MAS with a p360. I have a p360 that I built myself and it is amazing, truely the best american stick.But watch out if your going to be playing it on a dreamcast, MAS with p360 have notority for blowing out controller ports.

I’m not making it to acen this year due to the fact that there won’t be a cvs2 tourney and that I blew my $50 entry cash on getting new copies of SFAC and CVS2 for the PS2. But other than that, I am a hardcore player since the Alpha 3 days, and recently, I’ve found some good competition. Because of that, I want to get serious with my fighting gaming and move up from a controller, to an arcade stick.

That’s why I needed a recommendation on the brand or modded stick to buy/make. If I can find a good, cheap stick, chances are that I’ll mod my PS2 and buy Guilty Gear Slash.

If your a hardcore SF player, dont get anything other than a p360. I have the happs comp and it worked fine up till a month ago. The stick it self is going bad which all 8 ways will in due time. I had it for about a year before it started acting weird on me. The actuator on the bottom of the competition spins around while you play. This causes missed moves or double dashes because the design auto corrects spin and will hit a direction twice sometimes. Very irritating when you do a move and it doesnt come out or if you go for a parry and you dash when you know you tapped fwd once. The 8 ways are not worth your time.

The mas sticks are awesome but sometimes they go funky on you. On the dc, you cant play a custom stick vs a MAS for some reason. Im not sure how it works for ps2 and such but it works fine for 1P. Id def. get a mas if this wasnt such a big problem. I heard the happs takes extra wattage from the dc and the extra wattage is takes wont allow a 2nd stick to work.

IMO making your own box and buying the pieces would be much cheaper. Maybe like 40-70$ cheaper compared to the happs. You would have to know a little about electronics because of the soldering involved. You might be able to scrap by with a good tutorial if you buy the exact pieces the tutorial used. Also some decent knowledge of wood work would probably be a pre req.

If you can find someone selling a RED OCTANE BOX or any other pre drilled box id def take it. They come pre drilled with all the holes so the wood work is taken care for you. All you would have to do is buy a p360 and the buttons and your set. minus the soldering. Just make sure when your looking at boxes that the box will fit a p360. Those tiny jap ones wont do.

p360 p360 and p360

Did the mas stick problem on the ps2 happen because they were mas sticks or because they were p360s? and how often do you have to repair an 8-way and a p360 stick? Chances are now that I’ll buy a mas p360 stick now.

No, there really aren’t problems with MAS p360 for ps2, from what I’ve expierenced. I would suggest going that route if you want a p360 and dont want to have to wire it yourself and deal with the hassle. Unless you know how to solder well.

the p360 itself takes more wattage than a controller or a non p360 stick would. The dc has an issue with this and from what I know it works fine with the ps2. I dont have anyone in town who has a mas to test this but I heard the mas people use a different type of pcb for dc and ps2. So the mas doesnt work on the DC because it was a mas, not because it was a p360. I heard the mas people use a different kind of motherboard for their controllers because the store bought ones would break the copyright infringement rules.

I have friends who have p360’s and we play 3s on ps2 all the time. No problems what so ever.

p360’s are pretty much done once you have everything soldered. If all the connections are nice and tight, youll probably never open it up to fix it again. I suggest after you solder your wires to the PSX pad, tape them up with tape. Tape them to board itself. This gives the solder connections a little extra strength. It also gives you the option for a quick fix because if the soldered area comes off you can just use the tape to make the connection till you can fix it.

as for 8 ways I have mine setup with clamps instead of solder joints for my buttons and the stick. This gives me big problems because over time those pieces losen themselves off the connection. Eventually all 8ways go bad and you wont really know when it started doing it. Youll just play one day and your stick will act up. Trust me you dont want that.

the only p360’s I ever heard that went bad were the mas sticks. I only heard this from a few people and I know a guy whose gone through 3 of them. Perhaps its that extra wattage thats causing them to die. Other than random rumors and the DC glitch it has they’re still damn good sticks.

Forget all that p360 bullshit advice… Happ is garbage. US Sticks are big bulky slow and ugly. Use what the best players in the world use… SANWA. Once you learn to use the Japanese sticks your game will reach a new level. Custom Sanwa is the only way to go. Yes thats right the best players in the world are Japanese and they use Sanwa for the simple reason that they are the best.

PS. Dude for $200 you can get an awesome custom stick from the handful of great stick makers on SRK.

My friend has two p360 Mas sticks and they work flawlessly on his ps2. I never knew about the DC issue but that explains why we couldn’t get that shit working… that’s kinda funny looking back. We were blaming the converters.

So you’re saying to stay away from mas sticks and stick to hori since the japs top tier players use them? Does that mean that I have to use a ball instead of a stick? Do top tier players use p360 too, or the microswitches? Here’s a comparison chart of some sticks that I were looking at:
So you’re saying that it would be cheaper to get a custom-made one over a store-bought one? Which one lasts longer in the long run?

They use Sanwa becuase of the availablity of the parts in Japan. And Khalill, use what you prefer and don’t listen to the bullshit that people feed you about Happ and Sanwa. No brand is better than the other. It’s all about preference.

Hmm I wonder if the fact that Japanese players are better than US players is partly do to superior equipment. I know my game improved when I switched to Sanwa. But yes personal preference is key.