Controller Vs Joystick

well im not sure if its juss me but since i play this game mostly on console i use the controller. and most of the time i cant pull out ne combos. so i was thinking of getting joystick (ex:X-arcade) but ppl in other sites says its not that good.
question1) do u use joystick or controller
question2) is joystick better?
question3) if joystick is better which one will u recommend

-thnx in advance-

joystick is ultimately the best. that way, you are able to make some type of a transition to an arcade cabinet. if you just play on a controller, you’re screwed. at first, it’ll be tough because it’ll feel awkward, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. and my execution is very solid on my agetec, so it’s just a matter of practice to make the transition.

  1. joystick
  2. infinitely better
  3. i use an agetec, which is a first party stick for the dreamcast (they don’t make them anymore, you can find them used on ebay). the most popular is the MAS stick, which is exactly like an arcade controller.


Popblo said it…but unfortunaly for me i am ultimately use to the controller. I still go to the arcades and do my best and i can hold my own, but i can’t show what i am really made of. That’s why i like tourneys that give you the option of stick or controller so i can bust out my skills with a controller agianst a pro with a stick. But i am still pretty good with a stick though just not nearly as good with a controller

  1. Controller
  2. For me? no, for about everyone else yes
  3. My friend has an X-arcade and modded it a little bit and it works good…but i am not really a judge with a stick though

I hate going to the arcade and hearing people I play against say shit like “I would be beating that ass if I had a controller…” because I just want to say “bitch, what makes you think I’m worse on controller? I’d stomp you controller or not, arcade or console… you having a controller won’t help the way you are getting beat down.” Just a little rant. I can play on both, but I prefer joystick just because the transition from console to arcade is seamless.

  1. joystick
  2. joystick, no doubt
  3. I play using an Agetec and MAS on DC… both are excellent. MAS sticks are as good as they get. For PS2 I use an old ASCII, which is as close to an Agetec as you can get… just the buttons are smaller than arcade, but you get used to them quick. MAS is the one to get though, either that or customs from the stick makers in the hardware forum.
  1. stick. i use an agetec for DC. again a very good stick, but very old. i got mine for like 30 bucks at release. now it’s hard to find any new or used for 50-60. a good stick cause it’s jp style. the stick is old - so it’s not in the best condition. i got a pelican real arcade multisystem. it’s ok. it’s the best cheap stick on the market you can get at a local store (wall mart). it’s large and made of wood. the joystick is very loose - not nearly as good as agetec or optical sticks, but you can mod it. the buttons aren’t that great cause the positioning is awkward and there are 8 buttons - not 6. i like the japanese style better than the us style in general. short stick, convex buttons (large) , optical imo is the best.
  2. stick. i started using the stick exclusively after i got the agetec back when i had an import only DC. very good choice imo. DC conroller pads sucks ass.
  3. if i had money … i would just buy a cabinet … or like other people said … custom stick. optical jap style short stick with lolipop top. convex large buttons. basically a larger, studier agetec with optical and straight buttons.
  1. stick
  2. Depends on the controls. Ultimate joysticks kill me, japanese sticks kill me. The Happ super is just right though. But yeah, better.
  3. Custom.

3.Jap sticks are the BEST… american sticks are easier to start off and learn on, but Jap sticks give you more control and allow you to execute more difficult motions; walk up 360 is no problem on these sticks. The buttons are also waaaay better… blanka RC electricity comes out instantly.

oooh thnx for the replies more questions :slight_smile:

question) i play this on a ps2 which stick is good for ps2
quesion2) can u guys pull out combos with controller like how u do with joysticks?

  1. Depends what you like. American sticks or Japanese sticks… for jap sticks there’s the Hori stick… there are other ones, but the Hori is probably the easiest to find… for american there’s MAS, x-arcade, etc…

  2. There are many things that are limited when you use controller. Have fun trying to RC stuff… and moves like Blanka electricity are harder to do.

  1. joystick
  2. definitely
  3. i recommend a japanese style stick, but it’s mostly just personal preference, i’m using a hori real arcade pro, look for threads about it on the tech forum

i just recently switched from controllers to joystick and i would definitely recommend stick over controllers, i’m not as good on a stick currently as i used to be on a pad, but most stuff (simple combos, special moves, etc) i can do much better on a stick already, combos ending in supers i am still working on getting better at, but i know for one i couldn’t even play blanka on a pad

thnx guys last question where can i get the japanese stick (hori stick)

inthis page, you already see 2-3 hori sticks? the next page has one too if im correct, i dont know if you can find it somewhere else cheaper, but at least you can see pics :wink: Ow btw: the new hori stick = SHINING, seriously, you cant see it on the pic, but the top shines :stuck_out_tongue: I myself am gonna buy an SVC:Chaos stick, because it feels like the DC ascii stick and I had pretty good experiences with those friend of mine has one, i still have a big green one and a ps1 for 10$ :wink: which works pretty well

hori stick pro in play asia is like 80 bucks and only shippment is like 50 - 60 bucks thats insane ne else got some other sites?

also wuts the diff between hori stick pro and regular?

and how are the SVC sticks thnx

new versions, it isnt all that special, you can get one of the older models and still have a really good stick

afaik the SVC sticks are really good, but it’s really hard to get the stick loose

anyway, if you live in america, i think its better to 1: get a mas stick or 2: get both jap and US stick, because arcades in your area will have US sticks

i’ve been using the controller also for the xbox version and like most ppl i can’t do supers with it unless i’m on the right side of the screen. and as popoblo said i would like to be able to transition to the arcade. the arcade at my college always has ppl lined up playing cvs2 and i want to be able to at least show that i can hold my own. other than the x-arcade, is there any cheaper (but good quality) arcade stick i can buy for my xbox? i remember seeing one at my local fry’s electronics but i can’t remember wut brand it was or wut it’s compatible with. all i can remember is that it had green control buttons.

well, I am very use to a controller, I havent played a stick since back when X:men children of the atom and xmen vs street fighter was hot in the arcades, reason being is I moved form NY in 97-98 to Nebraska, and that place has no real arcades, so I lost all feeling I had with stick and just played console, too bad for me because sticks are just much better for stuff like zangief’s moves or like people said, blanka…

ken34: nebraska has some good arcades, if you are ever in the GFB hub talk to QOC, she is from there yes, a she ;), she’s kool

anyway: i was also really good on pad, i played on a dreamcast pad with default setting and i could do everything, but after doing it two times my fingers would be fucked up :wink: sticks are better overall

I just recently transitioned from Pad to stick, and now I swear by it. I mean a pad is good, but with a stick you really just become a faster, more concentrated and better all around player. You will notice once you are used to it and supers come off alot easier. Well for me anyways, it is really more of a preference thing.

I bought the Soul Calibur 2 Hori stick, which resembles the DC agetec, but a little smaller.
You can get it off of,
It is $50 and free shipping! It got to me in about 10 days. A very good stick.

The only downside about it: The buttons are mapped really weird because it is for Soul Cailbur 2. So you have to get only certain types of controller converters if you plan to use it on DC. You also have to change around buttons alot, which really isn’t that big of a deal.

Also, X-Arcade sticks from what I have come to understand are terrible. Pelican as I have been told just does not make good sticks. I have used 1 and it really just feels awkward.