Controller - What do you use?

Basically, I was curious after getting macked on earlier by someone’s Cammy. I noticed that with a controller it seems pretty damn difficult to pull the combos this person pulled, basically making me wonder if they had an Arcade/Fight Stick, Fight Pad, Controller, or Other (Something not listed).

This pertains mostly to Xbox360, but PS3 players are welcome as well seeing as I’d like to know the overall statistics on what the majority of people have.

I would say that the results from the forums would be heavily weighted towards sticks… the majority of players are probably rocking standard controllers

Aye, a lot of people who want sticks cant find them. apparently (I cant confirm this) but they only made 3000 of the TE sticks?

Im stuck on a 360 controller atm. gotta say, its leet.

Im using the Hori Pad while I search for a reasonably priced stick.

DO NOT BUY THIS. The dpad it nice, but the triggers are beyond awful. Half the time they don’t even register as being hit.

No thats not true they aren’t only making 3000 sticks, they said they are going to make a stick for everyone who wants one.

The Controller isnt even bad for Charge Characters

Ex2 atm trying to upgrade.
Finding a job right now is a killer though.

Im fine with my pad tbh, beat pretty much most people. Do have a TE stick on order though.

I’m looking to see what stats the forums have on which controller.

If you can provide some insight/comparisons to these if you’ve used more than 1 of them, or use something entirely different, it is completely welcome.

I use a HRAP Ex (original buttons, still waiting on the Sanwas to swap out) and a Soul Calibur 4 themed EX2 . The HRAP is definitely a better controller, but using either one doesn’t seem to affect my play that much, maybe after the buttons it’ll be a bigger difference.

im using the 360 controller … since day one … and everyday i which i had a joystick … but it hasnt been all bad for me …

also i usually play at nights, when the wife sleeps… i might wake her up with all the smashing on the buttons and that would become a whole different fighting game lol

I use a 360 pad but I installed a spacer so my D-pad is extremely responsive

thank god for joysticks, can’t do charge supers on dpads =(

I’m currently in the process of modding my Pelican Real Arcade ps2 stick to incorporate a 360 pcb. I busted my soldering iron trying to find it in storage the other day so I have to wait till next week when I get paid to buy a new one >:

currently using a 360 controller that will become the fodder for the stick <3

I cant see how anybody could play to their full potential on a regular controller 360 or PS3. This game should be played on a joystick

I’m stuck with a standard pad for now :sad:

All the good stick makers are full up and I’m not paying those retarded/inflated prices for a fight stick. Those things aren’t even limited editions, Mad Catz is going to keep making them till there’s no interest left.

God damn us '09ers, damn us all…

since yesterday madcatz TE stick :wink:

atm im better with normal controller but ofc just bec its all new for me (the whole stick stuff) hope i get better soon

Stuck with the shitty 360 pad at the mo (using the analogue stick as unbelievably, it’s actually better than the D-pad… but not by much). If I could find a fight pad for less than twice the price they were when they came out, I’d buy one.

Playing with a normal 360 controller and it sucks hard, that’s one of the reasons I don’t play so much atm…I will get an arcade stick soon, though.

Well, this is my primary stick (AIAB Slim with Sanwa Octo gate, Happ comp buttons), I fuggin LOVE this stick.

I sometimes like to use the Madcatz TE (I learned on a smaller square gate, so I am still used to the “Feel” on this stick.)

I still dust off this puppy every once in a while…