Controllers battle for PC: PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4 vs X360 vs XBONE


Hi guys,

My stick is dying and I’m thinking about switching back to pad (used a PS2 pad before). What do you think is the best pad for Street Fighter for PC now?


Sega Saturn Model 2 or USB version.


Careful with the USB version, there are many fakes out there.


If I know a place to buy it in Asia…


Aren’t they made in Asia?


I mean Vietnam.


The USB version from Sega constantly pops up on ebay, but you’ll overpay. Just get a Sega saturn controller and a Saturn to USB converter.


I’d like to know how to find a legit USB version!


Its getting harder and harder to do so as the clones are getting more and more details right including the foil sticker that on the back.

I also have to say the Play Sega pad is a clone, yes I call it a clone despise being authorized by Sega is not as well made as the other stock of USB Sega Saturn controllers.

If you have a original type 2 Sega Saturn game pad or the later PS2 version of the Sega Saturn pads to compare to would be good. But you have to risk buying a potential clone.
By the way the PS2 version of the Sega Saturn controller really rare and pricy.


I have 3 of them, 2 of them are new, part of me wants to use them, but I’m afraid to damage them lol.


Does the Neo-Geo CD controller for PS3 work with PC? They’re expensive, but also worth a look.