Controllers for PC version?

Let me know if this has been answerd but im I just downloaded the game and im trying to get my pads to work on the PC version and it will not recognize anything. Is anyone else having any issues?? Im trying to use my old USB sega saturn pads etc, and I have some just regular controllers that have a ps3 adapater to them as well, and again it wont recoginze anything… Anyone know how to fix this?? I havnt had any problem with any other game before. Thanks if you do.

damn running into issues here. x360ce and no input

Im going crazy as well! My Hori Fighting Edge and Mad Catz Fight stick pro (both PS3) do nothing in game. In Windows it shows the controller fine and all inputs work. Also I had to mash every key on the keyboard to find what was mapped to what so I could even get past the “accept terms and conditions” message. I used these sticks forever in SF4 so I do not see why this would be an issue now.

Use x360ce.

if you got the steam version, its because steam games default use 360 and xbox one pads.

I only tried my xb1 control via micro usb and it came up. I’m going to check my sticks later, a 360 TE 1st edition and modded DC Agetec w/ a XB1 miniusb controller.
I’m all MS so I should be fine.

sfv does not support direct input.

you need to use an xinput wrapper like x360ce, or you need to use something like J2k or xpadder.

The official SF5 stick not working with the pc version of the game is hilarious though.

Can’t get my Qanba stick working without a thrid party tool, already got a refund. Sry Capcom but if you can’t get the little things done on release is really disappointing. The funny thing is this “controller problem” even existed in SF4 Days on release hahahaha did you learn nothing?

I’ve been using my Xbox One controller and it works fine. When I can stay connected that is.

They learned how to get your money without working for it.

Well for what its worth, i was eventually able to get my pad to work with joytokey although even that took some fiddling. And I have absolutely no idea how to get it to work with 2 controllers if you were with a friend. The other programs I tried I could not get to work like Xpadder. Although for what its worth xpadder never worked well for anything that I ever tried personally. Even when I could get that to work it was pretty janky and the game was still unplayable…

Anyway I guess all I can recommend for now is joytokey, other wise everything else I tried I could not get anything to recognize my controllers. And again even that took a bit of fiddling.

does anyone know if the new madcatz fight pad PRO works on PC?

It’s really simple people.

Is your stick 360? It should work.
Is your stick XBO? It should work.

If neither of those two things apply, IT WILL NOT WORK. Get a new controller or use joy2key/xpadder/x360ce/etc.

Most modern games don’t even bother with dinput. It’s not surprising that SFV doesn’t support it anymore either. SFIV came out in 2009. No one cares about dinput anymore.

DI support is being added, no specific date beyond “soon” right now. Read this from the Capcom moderator on steam’s sfv forum.

My Q4 RAF works perfectly with Xinput. The game seems to lack Dinput and keyboard remapping, though.

No, it won’t work unless you use something like x360ce. You also might want to look at a few reviews before considering one regardless…just to be safe.

My 360 controller works, and my Hori Fighting Commander works no issues. The new Hori uses xinput :slight_smile:

i play with dualshock4 on pc, no issues

x360ce work for me no problem.

I used my TE2 and Hori RAP N3SA

I recommend x360ce over joytokey for 2 main reasons.
1 - x360ce has actual xbox controller emulation, meaning you can set things that are not bound to the keyboard, such as the right analog stick (useful for training mode shortcuts)
2 - x360ce does not run along side your program. You put it in the correct folder of the game and it runs automatic behind the scenes, giving you a more natural experience.
Oh and #3 - x360ce can support 2 players. This is similar to #1, where you can only bind what the keyboard has built in. There is no player 2 keyboard, so joytokey cannot do 2 players, but x360ce can.
for steam you can locate the correct folder by right clicking the game in your library, properties, local files, browse local files > then go into the folders StreetFighterV/Binaries/Win64 and put the exe there.

The amount of input lag x360ce adds compared to Xpadder is ridiculous. That might be dependent on the stick being used though. Press jump on the keyboard and compare that to your stick to gauge the input lag it’s adding.