Controllers vs Arcade Sticks


I need to know 3 things. First is there a tech reason that pro players prefer sticks to pads or is it just personal prefrence by tech I mean move response time ect. 2nd can pads be used at Evo and or other big tournys. Lastly are there or have there been any top players who use a pad. Thanks in advance.


pros prefer sticks because they play at arcades, and it’s just better period.

you can use whatever you want at evo

top tekken players use pads, I don’t think there’s any street fighter pad players.


this. u’ll probably fail against anyone with a stick that know’s wut they’re doing if ur using a pad.


zangief dont really require stick hahaha just spin that pad in circle man!


hahahah Zangief is the exception to the rule in SF4.

Blanka could be too, MASH THAT LIGHTNING etc.



Because you probably suck and just play at home on pad and think you’re good but you’re not.

With a pad you don’t have to move your fingers much compared to a stick, less work and the reaction time is faster, but pros play at the arcade with arcade sticks and are used to that. Also arcades don’t have macros like pads so no macro scrubs.


umm, i play 3s. What game are you entering EVO for? MvsC2? Also, I have a stick, but my ps2 broke recently so i just have to get an adapter so I can play the game on xbox.

also, if you own one of the sega ps2 pads modeled after the saturn controller OR an official street fighter pad or another type of pad that fascillitates for fighting games, then there’s still possibility for fair competition. otherwise, put away ur standard (noob) controller until you start actually caring about any fighting game that rly involves 6 buttons. If you’re coming to evo for something of 4 buttons, then ignore my posts in this thread.

Also, I never said I was good, I just know what I’m talking about. I expect to get K.O.'d in the first round, but hopefully won’t. I just started playing 3s a month ago, and haven’t been able to play in the past 2 weeks since my ps2 broke, so I got SF:AC for my xbox, but like i already stated, I’m not playing with it’s horrible d-pad and triggers for extra buttons. Nobody rly good plays on a standard controller and nobody rly good with a stick would ever get beat by sum1 with a standard controller. If you we’re talking about REAL pads, or a game that’s more simple on actual moves than 3s (like MvsC2 being based more on team strategy, or the oh-so simple/cheap SFII), then it’s a whole diff. story.


Its funny to me how pad players are looked upon as scrubs. If Street Fighter is such an arcade based game and everyone loves there sticks so much why are most arcades dead in the US. Why because most people in the 90s moved to console. The tourny crowd is small Capcom makes no money off the tourny crowd. Most people play on a pad. Now to keep things like Evo going you need some of these pad players to step there games up and come out to compete. If you think Evo is going to survive off just Justins and Gootechs then good luck. Calling folks pad scrubs keeps people away. I have a TE Stick but I am at better comfort using a pad. Am I supposed to use the stick even if I feel better using a pad? NO! Is it my fault the pad has macros and it has less reaction time? NO! If thats the case then the stick players should move to pads. I may be wrong but I think Gootechs lost in round 2 of the gamestop tourny.Not because hes not good enough but because he was not in his comfort zone using his stick. How many stick players think they can beat Justin while hes using a pad? Thanks again for the info guys.


Justin Wong is an exception, he can play on anything and everything. He is also a very smart player that thinks on a whole different level than most. (no I am not a fan boy sorry)

also if you like being a pad player sell me your TE stick


stop cryin and go buy some bandages for your thumb blistures hahahahahaha negative bombarded!!! :lol:


who cares… its a controller use what you play best on. but most people use arcade sticks because they can play at home like its an arcade. also if you play in an arcade regularly you would probably be way better if you have a stick at home to practice on.


This stupid argument comes up all the dam time in pretty much every section of SRK. If you are better with a pad then stick with that. At Final Round X there was a Marvel pad player just ripping people up on a standard Dreamcast pad. I think the whole final bracket for Tekken in most tournaments is held up by pad players. If you can rock shit on a pad then stick with it. If you can rock it on a stick then play a stick. It all comes down to the player. You can have the greatest stick in the world but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t know what you are doing and your opponent is a pad warrior.


Play on whatever, jesus fucking christ.


Where did you hear this? I’m pretty sure that’s completely false. Most top if not all top Tekken players use sticks.


Thanks again for the info. My question was not to ask what I should use but are there any in game advantages with one or the other. I have no problem using a stick but unlike most I have to admit Im better with the pad. Unless its an unwritten rule I may rock the pad. I am new to the major tournys but been Street Fighting since 1992 and won every local tourny I ever played at except Gamestop Round 3. 360 D Pad no thanks!


Doesn’t Ryan Hart play on pad?


Blanka is and has always been my main.


nope. Namco stick.


Okay. I could have sworn I saw somebody in the Evo 08 trailer holding a pad and thought it may have been him since it showed some Tekken video. Wasn’t sure since I don’t follow the Tekken scene at all.


I’ve heard this from quite a few local Tekken players, and some So Cal players. They just find it easier to do like down down back forward punch or whatever with a Playstation D-Pad

ps: doctordoom that was a joke.