Hey guys I was wondering if Xbox 360 arcade sticks work on ki yet? Or if they would without a outside device, have a 8arc I want to use with it but I can’t find a clear answer online as the ki official forums are down atm, thanks guys!!!

Most likely not

The only way to use a 360 controller with the xb1 without a dedicated converter is the streaming feature added that insiders have access to atm. This also requires the PC you are streaming with to have Windows 10 installed. I am only using the streaming for controls. I still am using a dedicated monitor for KI/xb1 games.
Until I install my padhacks this is how Ive been doing it. Hope that helps a little. I know it’s not the answer you were looking for but this works.

Note All my sticks with a ps360+ are working but my MC with a Cerberus is not working with the streaming side of things.
Edit I just read HERE that there is a firmware update for the Cerberus. I will try this and report back when I get it installed/updated.

Updating the firmware did NOT work with Xb1/Win10 streaming.