Controlling your rekkas

i’m a decent fei long player but i still have some trouble with rekkas.

sometimes too many come out, and sometimes not enough.

what are the proper timings and executions for rekkas of each strength?

share your techniques for controlling your rekkakens.

qcf+p everytime a rekka lands

Umm, qcf+p? If you are having trouble preforming rekkas, then it is probably because you are trying to mash the input or are making sloppy qcf motions. Slow it down.

Not much control over rekka’s needed? You hit or you don’t , there’s plenty time between a hit and a whiff to plan your next move? (and a block)

If you mash the rekka’s out , it’s a different story. Rule of thumb is your fingers are always ahead of the visual.

Sounds like you mash sometimes and other times you don?t. Here is a tip given to me by Inthul on how to improve your Rekka’s. Go to trial and change the characters “Block” to Random. It will help a ton with hit confirming as well as the timing with the Rekka. It truly worked for me.

Quoted for the truth. I do the same. :nunchuck:

lol i do the same too. great way to train rekkas.

as for the not enough- after i confirm the first one, i move the stick from down back thru up foward, and drum my fingers from fierce to light punch. that way if i miss time my press, i get extra chances at getting some strength of rekka to come out

Ok, here is my take on it since i really think this is the most important step to evolve your fei…

The rekka input (qcf) on the sf4 engine gives priority to :d: and :r:

This will drop your rekka:

You need to hit :r: to get the rekka, hence: :qcf: :lp:

Now in actual combat there are two positions you need to react to rekka: 1. In down-back postion, 2. while standing. You need to practice hit confirming from both positions this also goes for other special moves like fadc flame kick.

Anyways, I found after i do the 1st rekka i go neutral on stick and follow with the 2nd and 3rd (don’t be too tense otherwise your timing will be off)

Practice by setting your target on random block.

Rekka Strengths
:lp: rekka has faster timing, :mp: is a bit slower and :hp: is more slow.
The distance after a block: :hp: is closest, :mp: fairly close, :lp: not close.

On Block / Hit

  • 2x lp rekka you can’t ex/regular tenshin
  • 2x mp rekka you can ex tenshin not regular
  • 2x hp rekka you can ex/regular tenshin

Hope this helps, ^^b